10 Questions For Your First Date: Best Ideas To Impress The Girl

November 15
10 Questions For Your First Date: Best Ideas To Impress The Girl

Are you getting ready for your first date with the girl? Think where to go and how to make your evening unforgettable? - You've taken the right course! However, do not forget to think about the direction of the conversation. Just 10 questions will contribute to the development of your acquaintance and will help to impress the girl. It is a casual conversation that is the key to your success! For some men, it is not at all difficult to improvise and keep the girl interested by talking. And what about tight and shy men? - Correctly! Make an appointment in advance! It is important to prepare not only a list of questions but also to understand which ones are paramount, as some of them you are to leave for the next stage of your relationship. When starting a relationship, it is significant to make sure that the woman is free and open to new relationships. You should ask such questions very delicately so as not to offend the lady, and most importantly - not to frighten her away. Below, you will find a list of the 10 most vital questions to ask a female and detailed guidance on how to keep the conversation going.

The Way To Prepare For The First Date Properly & Avoid Confusion

Everything is easier than it seems at first glance! Surely, each of you was at an interview. It is during the interview that you should show your best skills: sociability, the ability to respond correctly to any context, the ability to navigate quickly in any situation, and, of course, maintain calmness and composure. The first date is the same interview where you must leave an excellent impression, because there may not be a second attempt!

  • One way or another, you have already talked with the girl with whom you are going on a date, and you probably know something about her. Think about what else you are interested in learning or what details you are anxious about. Develop only those topics that are intriguing to you, and don't ask routine questions!;
  • If you already have an idea of what questions you will ask and what topics you will touch on, write them down on paper or write them down in notes on your phone (this will make it easier for you to look into your cheat sheet). Also, don't forget to think about backup questions in case things failed to go according to plan;
  • Now comes the most important thing! Say out loud what you have prepared, stand in front of a mirror, or ask someone to listen to you. This way, you can understand how you look from the outside, and you'll be able to predict all the awkward moments.

Don't ignore these tips. They will help you overcome not only insecurity but even fear, which prevents new acquaintances from developing relationships and maintaining interest in each other. Love is considered simple chemistry and physics that has nothing to do with human spiritual essence. However, falling in love and interest does not appear from scratch and not because of a persistent desire to drag someone into bed. Just 10 simple questions will allow you to attract attention and guarantee at least one more meeting. Show your imagination and relax, and then success will surely await you on the love front.

Ten Questions Suitable For The First Date

Ten Questions Suitable For The First Date

Sometimes a girl can cause too strong emotions, so a man feels embarrassed during a personal meeting, especially if this is the first one. It also happens that a man is shy by nature and cannot always overcome his anxiety and build a conversation correctly. The order of questions is not of great importance, but some are not suitable for a first date. Of course, you can replace some of the issues with your own, but the list below will make your task a lot easier. In any case, the prepared questions will help you find a common language and spend exciting moments together!

  1. What do you like to do? - Such a simple and banal question. Women appreciate being asked about their life in a simple, accessible way. All these questions about hobbies and the last book you read seem very contrived. When you ask a question about a book inappropriately, she will immediately understand that you have prepared it in advance. Besides, there are not as many hobbyists reading as it seems at first glance. What do you like to do? - the question is very broad, and everyone can answer it. Ask what she likes to do, and you will kill two birds with one stone: let her talk about herself and show interest in her. She will understand: you are not one of those guys who ask all girls about the same thing. It is a simple and banal but, at the same time, the most advantageous formulation of the question;
  2. What was the most romantic thing you did? - It will show if the girl is inclined towards romance or if she is more of a practical person. If she starts talking about the perfect date, flowers, hot air balloon rides, and more, then you can assume that she already begins to like you. It will be easy to maintain such a conversation, and it is enough to remember everything you know about sweet deeds and courting a girl;
  3. Tell your favorite story? - She will surely be surprised! It is a rather unexpected formulation of the question, which she has never encountered before. She can share a funny story from life, and you can reply with your life experience. She will tell a fictional story from a book or a movie, and in response, you will tell something about your favorite one. It's an exciting exchange of pleasantries that can move you from one topic to another, and so on several times;
  4. Tell the most embarrassing story in your life? She will not tell you anything too intimate, so it will probably be cute stupidity. You can remember the same story, and you will laugh together. And laughter brings you closer! By asking this question, you show her that she is close enough to you and deserves attention because you are ready to listen to her secret - something personal and something that she cannot tell just anyone. It creates an emotional exchange of information that doesn't mean anything but still brings you closer. It would be more appropriate to ask this question towards the end of the date;
  5. What was the most terrible thing in your life? - This story stimulates an adrenaline rush, even if it tells you about a large cockroach that crawled up to her boot or a story about a parachute jump. It is unlikely that on the first date, she will share something intimate with you. When we tell a life story that has an element of fear and surprise, we feel excited. And this also brings people closer. After the date, the girl will not remember your entire conversation in detail, but she will remember emotions;
  6. What's your favorite holiday? - Of course, this is not a very original question, as it just leads us to the fact that you can ask her: what was so special about this holiday? Have you been somewhere where you especially liked? So the conversation can be brought to hiking trips or travel to other countries. Simply and easily;
  7. What do you like about men? - For example, ask her what qualities she values most in men. After listening to her list, you can tell about your experience in life, which will demonstrate your compliance with her needs. Just do not boast too much - be restrained in compliments to yourself;
  8. What flowers do you like the most? - Add even more romance to your conversation! It may turn out that she does not like flowers because of allergies or thinks that bouquets of "flower corpses" are awful. Here, you can always get out by praising her practicality and care for the environment. If she loves flowers, but she is allergic, you can always find a way out by presenting her with a bouquet of sweets. Well, if you are savvy in the language of flowers, you can tell her what her favorite flowers mean and what story is connected with them. Ladies love to see signs in everything, so you can't go wrong if you demonstrate your broad outlook;
  9. Who do you like more - cats or dogs? - It is another question that will allow you to reveal the identity of your interlocutor concerns the topic of pets. Or is she more fond of exotic creatures like lizards and spiders? Tell us about your preferences right away. However, you only need to do this if you have a love for one of the four-legged creatures. There is no need to talk about something that does not exist, as your deception may sooner or later be revealed;
  10. Where do you study or work? - Perhaps she works in an interesting field, which will give many reasons for new questions. Or she doesn't like her current profession and would like to change it. In any case, your interest in her life will be obvious, which will only make her take a closer look at you.

Do not bombard the girl with questions! Of course, you need to listen to her carefully, but you must express your point of view on each issue. Show her that you are involved in the conversation. Otherwise, she will lose interest in your interrogation! From how willingly the girl answers questions, her reaction to words and even gestures will be able to tell you whether you are acting correctly or whether you should slow down. The most important thing here is to feel confident and not try to translate everything into a joke. Humor is a powerful weapon, but it is not always appropriate.

Matters That Are Inadmissible For The First Date With A Lady

Be sure to remember the following questions, as you shouldn't ask a girl, otherwise your first date will be your last!

  • How much do you earn?;
  • Tell me about your past relationship: why did they fail?;
  • How many men have you had?;
  • Why don't you have a permanent relationship?;
  • What about your weight?

These questions are contraindicated for communicating with a new acquaintance! To some, they will seem too familiar, and someone they may offend. Also, do not talk to a girl about intimate relationships on the first date. Otherwise, she may make the wrong conclusion about the purpose of your acquaintance with her. If you want to kiss a girl, don't ask her about it, so just take the initiative. Also, avoid asking questions about her looks and especially her salary. Of course, if your relationship takes you to the next level, you will inevitably touch all these issues, but the first date is the wrong time for them.