A popular question of nowadays - am I ready for a relationship?

November 18
am I ready for a relationship?

Almost every person feels alone, and even confirmed bachelor sometimes needs romantic relationship. But before you are going to look for a real love, you should sort yourself out. To get rid of childish illusions is one of an important moment, because serious relationship is a great work for which we need to prepare.There are some useful rules which can help you to understand – are you really ready for a relationship, or you need to wait more.

Be self-important.

Before you start your new way, you should make sure of the ability mature emotions and deep, abiding love. Love yourself, take care! Do not keep your head down. Certainly, relationship with close people is very important, but it shouldn’t become an obstacle for achievement of intended objectives. You should make it clear for everyone that your own wishes and goals firstly come for you and it will give the public confidence.

Always be true to yourself

In any relations, one of the side inevitable tries to control another. By the way, it can be unconsciously. Being convinced that he or she just does his or her best for the benefit for you all, sometimes it can be some sort of pressure with the help of cunning. In this case you should remember about the first point of this list and not to give in to manipulation, if the goals and wishes of your partner conflict with your own beliefs. It does not mean that you should be a completely selfish human being. No, it’s a wrong way to achieve some necessary results. Basically, everything can be arranged on mutually beneficial conditions. Try to speak more, never give up to explain your point of you, if you really need this man or woman to be closer.

Learn how to give back

Spending your life in loneliness, you get used to focus only on your needs. For many people it is too difficult to restructure to the other side, but it’s necessary for both fellows. Giving back to others, you receive much more in return. This law is also popular in nowadays life. But mutually beneficial change shouldn’t be like a goal in itself, otherwise, the relationship will return into deal. Taking care of your family, you should get a pleasure out of it. Remember! The first step is always for the man in any relations.

Don’t be afraid of being yourself

Getting acquainted with an interesting person, many people try to be an ideal love partner. It is a kind of hypocrisy that makes you tired so fast. Even after meeting a girl or a boy of dreams try to be yourself. It is very important and not only at the beginning of your relationship, but also during the whole human life. Obviously, not always everything will be ok, and you together should work on relations, developing them, discussing any moments with your partner. Don’t be afraid of being yourself, just listen to your heart and love your real creature. But don't let it put you down, if your relations do not get screwed up. Experience is the main tutor of everything, including love – remember it. Having passed this stage of your life, you will understand what is really important for you, and you can build on the received knowledge in your new relationship.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Even sensing readiness to link life with a woman or a man, many people are afraid of being mistaken in choosing the right variant. Wasting time and looking for the one they need, they do not try to have a relationship. But the real face does not open at once. And it can turn out to be both beautiful and frightening. So you should not be afraid of making mistakes, they help us to find out our real face and truth. There is one opinion among businessmen on this tip, for a person who lost his wealth till 30, it is easier to rebuild everything and start again, than for a person who has already reached maturity. This rule also works in love.

Don’t live with your parents – move in

Parents are our close relatives, friends and people who love us. But their close control and useful tips sometimes damage our lives. They always tell us how and what to do in different situations, even then when we do not need their help. To avoid such situations, women and men should live far from their parents. For many people it may be sad, but to become a real man with his own principles and thoughts, he must leave his parents’ house. Even the most loving parents can be an obstacle for your independent living for some reasons. Especially it concerns relations with girls. You will always be a little baby for your parents and they don’t want to share you with somebody else. So, before you plan an acquaintance your girl with your parents, let give it time. You know, meeting each other's parents for the first time is so awkward. Everyone should be ready from A till Z. This rule doesn’t concern women. They can live with their parents when they don’t have another place to live. But when they are serious with somebody and want to continue such relations, they can move into the future husband’s apartment.

Work on your relationship

By definition the relations look like a construction of the fortress. If you form a strong foundation and follow all the rules, they will be your protection and support for many years. Such relations inspire and motivate to new achievements. If let them take its course, in time, love will pass, and instead of a strong union, the relationship will be a prison for you. Don’t make it so. Be smarter in your dreams, words and feelings. Try to do your best in some important questions and situations, always share your thoughts and plans to develop your relations for future.

Learn to wait.

People can’t wait for somebody, for work, for love and future changes. They want everything and right now. Don’t care about feelings. In anticipation of love, they become impatient, that’s why from time to time we can see strange alliances. Without strong feelings, the men surround by their attention the first pretty girl or woman they find. Unfortunately, this relationship usually ends with a sudden breakup and mutual grievances. Be patient and don’t give up your principles for a moment of weakness. One day, your temper and loyalty will bring successful results.

Follow simple states

Try to follow these simple states:

  • Be happy. In any way, with everyone and even with yourself. It is an important fact for your future relations. If you are unhappy in solitude, you won’t be happy in relations with somebody. It is a mistake for those who think that the life will be differ and colourful when you begin to date someone. This mechanism doesn’t work. A relationship is just something that complements your happiness. It’s like a free pleasant expansion. To tell the truth, you can’t enter relations «empty», because another person with whom you decided to build your life also wish to receive from you some positive emotions, not just depressing. Harmony in relationship occurs when you feel comfortable alone. In other words, you’re self-sufficient, you have friends, job that you like, hobby, and you won’t hang around your man’s or woman’s neck.
  • Live every relationship in differ scenario. If the same story repeats over and over again and the break-up takes place one by one, so it’s time to sort things out and change something in your life and relations. As a rule, our life consists of pain and frustration, but we should try to use negative experiences to our benefit. While you’re accumulating resentment in your soul and worrying about one more unfortunate romantic story, you keep starting over. Mistakes exist to learn from them.
  • Forget about your former relations. It’s a global problem for major people. If you don’t forget the person and that everyday life, it will be difficult to begin new relations and will provoke some problems. Firstly, you can have a relationship just to take your mind off of former life and not to feel true feelings. Secondly, without letting go previous relationship, you will looking for a man or a woman like your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend. What's the problem? That you broke up with the same one, and probably because of the flaws you fanatically seek in your new lover now.
  • Don’t build walls around you. They are no use. You can’t find the right person if you lock yourself in four walls. More communication, more interesting speakers, more walkings and social life. As you know, the same thing attracts the same thing. If you are close to everyone, most likely life will throw you the same «blocked» people as you are.

To Conclude

Respect yourself, or no one else will respect you. Real relationship is based not only on love and wish, but also on respect. Every man needs true feelings and sincere relations. Be open to those people you really like and want to build strong relationship. The more chances fate gives you, the more you should use. But the famous proverb says: «So many men, so many minds.» It means that every person should do in that way she wants to do. Just do not forget to love yourself and those people who surround you!