Christian dating and singles: modern challenges and opportunities

December 20
Christian singles and Christian dating: modern challenges and opportunities

These days, the reality of Christian dating is getting more and more complicated. The process of finding a soulmate who has the same spiritual needs and shares similar beliefs is no longer as easy as it was in the nearest past — thirty, twenty or even ten years ago. The reasons for this dramatic change are different and are of complex nature. The most considerable cause, probably, is that the human environment itself has changed significantly, and the new, altered reality does not contribute to increasing the number of those seeking the truth.

Love in turbulent times

Turmoil of modern, highly urbanized life makes people lose their demands for believing in something that is a little bit higher than the Chrysler Building. In the turbulent torrents of dusty megalopolises, human beings are now leading a purely mechanistic existence, where a room for the hope is very small, if not already completely vanished. In the luring haze of large cities, where cold artificial lights substitute for the warm natural radiance of heaven, and where customer satisfaction has become a synonym for joy, they have no time to raise their tired eyes to the sky anymore.

Back in the day, if a Christian man decided that it was time to start a family, he could just approach a woman from his church community, whom he was attracted to, and offer a relationship. Everything was simple for your fathers and mothers, but the good old school way of finding a life partner seems to have ceased to work. Today, more churches are being closed, and the communities of those still struggling to exist are rapidly shrinking to the size when meeting someone of the same age or interest is completely impossible.

The rocky path of modern dating

Considering that dating in general has never been easy, and that Christians additionally have more stringent criteria in selecting a partner and their moral expectations are higher, it is easy to conclude that dating as a Christian is especially difficult. The situation has become even more complex today, when the faith is forgotten by many. The available pool of godly women to choose from is oftentimes so small that modern Christian singles have to look for someone to date far outside of their own cozy communities. In the hope of meeting that special one with whom they can connect spiritually and emotonally, they often travel good long distances just to attend services in the churches situated in other cities. In such sad circumstances, it sometimes takes men years eventually to find a decent wife. The age of marriage is steadily shifting towards the higher numbers and a chance of staying a bachelor for life is currently unprecedentedly big.

Another noteworthy point is that Christian dating is a very special type of dating. Christian singles usually expect to find a person of the same faith, who shares the same views and ideals, and who also want to make his life better by marrying and establishing a close-knit and loving family. Christians are mainly conservative and, since they need to examine the genuineness of a relationship, decisions on the matter are generally not taken quickly. They more carefully choose friends, prefer to avoid bothering with random strangers and are not very much into short-term love affairs, especially with married individuals. These outmoded principles obviously do not help to make things easier.

Changes sometimes bring new opportunities

Luckily, technology is not always a foe, it can sometimes be a friend too. If you are from a small rural church or, for whatever reason, were not lucky enough to find anybody suitable to your taste among members of the church community you belong to, then heading online is the way to go. Being single is not a pretext for melancholy. Instead of feeling sad, be proactive; do not hesitate to start actively seeking. Today, the range of searches for anything, including a woman of dreams, is no longer limited by the size of a car’s fuel tank. The internet is a convenient tool that enables you to find almost everything and, which is especially important in your particular case, it even gives unlimited opportunities to extend searches far beyond the country’s borders.

Online dating is that real chance to find a well matched romantic partner with whom you will comfortably spend your whole life. There are thousands if not millions Christian women who have already turned to the web to look for a partner of the same beliefs and aspirations. A great number of singles of all ages whom you could not have met in your native city are all now available on the websites dedicated for Christian dating. Today it has become natural to register on a dating site, fill in a form or some sort of a questionnaire in order to provide other visitors with information about yourself, which will let them, by using specified parameters, quickly find you among others. A lot of successful, stable and solid as rock Christian families have already been created with the help of this wonderful new way of dating.

Everything is simple while you are going forward

A turn for the better is not necessarily a u-turn. Generally speaking, all you need to do sometimes is just to carry on moving forward. A faith oriented dating services can help you a lot on the path to changing your life, things, and whatever else for the better. They have everything to make your searches for that very special woman, who lives in your imagination, easier. Presently, if you want to meet a Christian single, you no longer need to waste your time meeting the endless crowds of perfect strangers and talking to random, often suspicious or even mentally unstable people on blind dates. Casual encounters with unknown persons can be very unpleasant from time to time. After all, these strangers may appear to be the sort of people whose faith is just a baptism they have received as a baby, and whose faith is not strong enough for you.

Instead of risking, you can simply visit any corresponding website and briskly look through the thousands of available profiles created by exactly the same singles as you are. With one click of a computer mouse, you will choose a girl reflecting your expectations best. If you wish to find others having the same hobby, interest, profession, occupation and who are also Christians, match your own parameters to the ones of other members and enjoy dating. The whole process is really simple, isn’t it?

Christian matchmaker for christian singles

Christian matchmaker rushing to help

Matchmakers have been known for centuries. Such type of work has always been demanded by people because this was often their last chance to start a family and to lead a normal traditional life. In the past, it was a person who usually arranged marriages or encouraged people he knew to initiate romantic relationships. He had lots of social connections, which let him (or her) find somebody a suitable partner to marry within a very brief space of time.

The tradition of matchmaking evolved with time and plenty of companies offering professional services of this kind came into existence. Globalization has brought new trends and matchmaking became international. Singles just used special catalogs, newspapers and the postal system to exchange information and particulars about each other. It is no wonder that when the internet extended significantly and became available to the many, matchmaking immediately moved online and now comfortably resides on the modern websites with all these user-friendly interfaces, stylish buttons and new communication technologies like video chats, mailing lists and so on.

Christian dating does not stand back and is also currently online, not limited by borders, languages or cultural differences. It is getting more popular every day and thousands of believers use it on a daily basis. A lot of Christians have already grabbed these modern opportunities and now live in happy and mellow marriages. Here are only a few advantages:

  • Any single can easily find another single meeting his or her expectations no matter where this person lives. The dating sites of this type are focused on the needs of Christians. Anyone is free to use his own set of parameters to restrict the number of candidates thus avoiding undesirable contacts with those not matching his faith or views.
  • Many of these sites are international and offer to help with online communication by providing its members with corresponding services such as translations of phone calls or email letters. Often they undertake all necessary arrangements if members have taken a decision to meet offline, which is especially helpful when a date is going to happen in a foreign country.
  • It is guaranteed that a participant will only meet singles of the same or similar faith. Hence, you do not need to sacrifice your religious beliefs. People there are looking for the relationships that allow connecting not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Most members think about long-term ties, preferably about a good and godly marriage.
  • Many dating agencies carefully check the data provided by the members and even make background checks. Only then profiles become available to other members. This reduces the probability of being scammed or harassed and increases chances for the successful accomplishment of searches.
  • Modern matching algorithms are very intelligent, they do their digital job well and today the chances of finding a profile matching your criteria are almost 100%. Every personal detail is considered and even interpersonal compatibility is taken into account.
  • In addition to the same faith, singles on these websites have been leading a similar way of life. As a result, they all acquired more or less similar interests, priorities, mindsets, hobbies and quite often they even think alike. That is a huge benefit because there is always a suitable subject for discussion and no ground for disagreement over both major and everyday topics.

Millions of chances are waiting for you

As mentioned above, today a lot of people are extending the range of their searches by seeking a Christian partner overseas, especially in eastern Europe and, of course, in the area of the former USSR. These lands have always had a huge number of practicing believers, who still value traditional relationships and have a conservative mindset. There are all major denominations such as Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Catholicism so everyone may find a woman belonging to the same Christian Church. If your beloved was baptized in a different branch than yours, it is still not an obstacle. All the Churches recognize each other and religious ceremonies they conduct. For example, if one of the partners is a Catholic, he can still marry an Orthodox Christian and have a magnificent wedding in a Catholic cathedral. Millions of opportunities are waiting for you there, just decide when to begin.