How to talk to women – Best Tips Ever

December 09
How to talk to women – best tips ever

You met the lady of your dreams, but you’re not sure how she feels about you? Just follow next tips and you can win the heart of your beloved and build a happy relationship with her.

  • Don’t be afraid to write first. It’s a great chance to get acquainted with a person you like. Just do it and be confident of your abilities. Any woman will enjoy being interested in. She will like that she’s the one who’s been singled out by a huge mass of women. But remember: you shouldn’t start your communication with usual phrases, like: Hello! How are you? What are you doing? Think about an open dialogue and start your speech with words about your interest to this girl or woman, what you like most. Do not forget about compliments, talk about her photos, ask her, if she like to be a model and take a lot of professionals photos. If your phrases snag her, she will continue your dialogue. Pay attention on your messages, do not do any grammatical mistakes. Show yourself as a knowledgeable man. Your sentences should be written in a right way, the commas in the text should be used by rules. Write only that what you feel. Tell the lady some information about yourself so that she knows to whom she’s talking and if you attract her.
  • Continue your dialogue in a friendly way. Quietly and discreetly ask questions. Tell about your free time, pets, interesting facts and some ideas for future vocation. Your new acquaintance will be aware of knowing about what you dream and where you want to go. From all these topics, there will be a point of contact. And, maybe, not one. Impress your new acquaintance from the first minutes. It’ll help you keep talking. Add to your stories some feelings and emotions which will cause curiosity, joy or empathy. After three or four communications by messages, it is high time for next step of your acquaintance. Use videochat. Real talk can help you to see your interlocutor through the screen. While communication in person through a webcam, behave naturally and casually. Be yourselves and just speak from the heart. It will help her to understand that you are ready for serious relationship. For example, russian women are more communicative and attractive, smart and creative. So they will find out your real goal of such meeting with them.

There should be a special approach to every woman, because they are individuals, with their own mind, style, life, character and desires. But there are some useful secrets, which can help you to communicate in an easy way.

Tips – how to talk to women:

  • be yourself;
  • stay attentive interlocutor;
  • give compliments;
  • be a gentleman;
  • show your interest;
  • stay calm;
  • treat with respect.

Real meetings help to know more information about the woman. The most important for any man – her appearance, figure, hair, style. Every communication can be the last for both, if you do not do your best to create dream meetings with happy end. Just remember some useful things which make your meetings more comfortable and pleasant. Do not forget about:

  • smile;
  • sincere words and phrases, compliments;
  • best clothes;
  • perfume;
  • some presents;
  • flowers;
  • good mood and jokes.

Everything is important at the meeting. How you talk, what you say, where you go and also how you behave with other people. Pay attention on her mood, try to do something special for her. Be open, creative and do pleasant surprises.

Recommended acts for men

To listen attentively to a woman is a great trump card for every man. You can find out more useful information about her life, work, free time, hobby, vocations, plans for future and so on and so forth. An ability to listen helps men to be much closer to the interlocutor, who shares her thoughts and feelings, emotions and dreams. Do not interrupt the woman who is in the process of her speech. If you want to ask something or add information, just wait till she will end her answer. Correct listening positively influence on the woman, give her confidence and cause only trustful feelings. She is ready to come out to the man and continue to speak with that man who really listen to her and her words are a subject for interest and understanding.

Do not forget about compliments. Women love with their ears - this is a known truth that will help you to answer the question of how to please girls or how to talk to women. Your compliments should be sincere, real and sweet. Pay attention on the intonation, and how your words and phrases sound. Any compliment about speech, appearance, voice will be very important for every woman, because she gains confidence in herself. Say compliments only then, when they are really needed.

Jokes on topical subjects are always well received. And a lot of women appreciate the ability of someone to treat life with the right kind of irony. But try not to make any overt jokes, because circuses are sent on tour – remember! Moreover, any printed message is incapable of conveying the tone of human speech. That’s why many jokes on the screen look bleak.

Topics for talk

If you want to chat again and again and meet a person in a real life, you should know what to say. You keep talking to her, but you have no idea what and how to talk to women. There are suitable and not suitable themes for speech. Suitable ones will always help you to begin a talk, to get acquaintance and to keep the most pleasant things about yourself. Not suitable themes should be avoided, if you don’t want any conflicts. Best themes are neutral. For example, tell some words about weather. This usual topic unites everyone, and for some reason the British always begin their speech with it. Choose interesting topics about real life, situations, last news in the country or in your city. Talk about your free time, what you like to do most of all, tell about your pets, if you don’t have them for some reasons, say what are your favorite. Get information about different ways of spending time with a beloved man – are they active or passive.

You need some interesting themes for your love meetings. Communication can be sustained through:

  • share memories from childhood or a little secret;
  • ask about the past day and its significant events;
  • take an interest in weekend plans and suggest ideas;
  • exchange information that directly concerns your common interests;
  • tell of your own little achievements.
Banned topics

Banned topics

People are different, so there are such questions which you shouldn’t ask to any unknown person. Also, do not talk about yourself more than one or two minutes. It’s so boring for person, who doesn’t know you well. Especially, when you tell about a list of what you did during the day: where you went, whom you met, what you bought... You have to admit, that you don’t like it either, when a nightingale spills about himself, without giving a word? So stop talking about yourself so much, you’d better listen to your interlocutor. Many people don’t like whining: complaining about parents, education, well-being, bad job, stuffy chief. Such complains are for those people, who are the same ones. The majority of people are happy with those who are positive and optimistic. That’s why you should always be in a good mood, smile and talk about something easy, interesting and pleasant.

And also:

  • about family and relatives;
  • about last relations;
  • about money;
  • about diseases;
  • about personal questions;
  • about religious affiliation;
  • political and national affairs.

There are some ambiguous issues which you should not talk about. It concerns different questions about how much money you earn, what diseases you had or have, what problems are in your life. You should avoid such questions and always be correct to your partner. It is very important to create sincere and friendly atmosphere during the meeting, which will be a pleasant beginning of serious relations for future. Less talk about yourself, answer only when you are being asked. There are so many topics to have a nice and interesting communication. Use them and you will not make mistakes in your communications.


How to talk to women, and not to be pushed away, but to be liked? Many men would like to have perfect relations from the very beginning. But not everyone can. Success will be only if you adhere to these simple rules. Equally important is listening. You have to be a sponge that absorbs everything the other person says. You can’t interrupt a woman when she’s talking. You have to admit, we all hate being interrupted. So wait for her to get her message across and then engage in a dialogue. If you want people to enjoy talking to you and want to continue it, follow an important rule - be sensitive to them. Control the conversation, monitor its flow and be able to transfer it in time. Pay compliments to the woman. Everything is in your hands. Just act and be yourself!