The art of using pick-up lines for mature guys

November 22
The art of using pick-up lines for mature guys

What you should know to make them work

Pick-up lines are short phrases intended for breaking the ice. Using properly chosen pick-up lines, you can quickly start a nice chat with someone whom you have never seen before. In order to utilize these lines effectively you should be ready to be creative and witty. You can certainly impress and charm a girl — many men proved it works. If you do everything correctly, you will see a smile on her face and easily get a date.

The difficulties of the first steps

The first steps are the hardest because the first impression you make on a lady matters most. A good beginning always leads to a successful ending. A couple of opening phrases are able to energize interaction between you and a woman. At the same time, they can totally ruin your attempts no matter how well you look. Poorly delivered or wrong lines can even create a situation when she will want to escape from you.

Pick-up lines are your advertisement. Their main functions are:

  • to act as conversation openers;
  • to display your romantic interest;
  • to advertise your wit and intellect;
  • to help you introduce yourself;
  • to create a proper first impression.

Impressing women is always a challenging task. They are all different and a large number of men find it difficult to predict their reaction to pick-up lines. Some even consider it a lottery and totally avoid using them while approaching a girl. Meanwhile, a simple and 100% working strategy that allows winning every time does exist. Practice shows that jocular and witty openers always work.

Pick-up lines have pros and cons

There are many arguments in favor of using these funny phrases to pick up women. Recommendations not to use them at all do exist as well. Different gurus of love affairs give contrasting advice and it creates contradiction, which, at first glance, seems to be unresolvable. Only your experience can give you the right answer. Remember that practice is everything. Below you will find some more common existing opinions.

The advantages of pick-up lines

  1. Pick-up lines give some words to say if you do not have any. Imagine that you meet a girl so beautiful that you become speechless. Even banal pick-up lines like ‘If I had to be a female I would prefer to be a girl like you’ in this case may work as openers if you have difficulties starting a conversation.
  2. Funny and witty pick-up lines can reveal your personality. The majority of women favour men who have a sharp intellect and your ability to choose the right words to create a joke clearly indicates your mental capabilities. Usually, funny people tend to be more kind and non-aggressive. Using pick-up lines, you can expose that you have a sense of humor. Make a girl laugh and get a date.
  3. Pick-up lines and compliments go well together. Using lines that contain compliments or in combination with them, you can make a woman feel exceptionally well. Most of them like compliments and it gives an opportunity to find favor in woman’s eyes.
  4. Pick-up lines are seldom used these days. Actually, men no longer use them to become friendly with girls whom they have just met. Cheesy pick-up lines were used too often in the past and quickly went out of fashion, partly due to misuse or because of their frequent appearance in cheap TV comedy shows, so you have a good chance to look original.

The disadvantages of pick-up lines

  1. The effect of pick-up lines can sometimes be unpredictable. The majority of them are meant to be jokes and as any joke when shoddily delivered or told at the wrong time or place etc. they can completely eliminate your image. A slap in the face is also possible.
  2. If you choose wrong set of pick-up lines you may make a negative impression on a girl. Instead of showing you as confident, stupid or vulgar lines might show that you are just arrogant and too dumb to understand it. Which lines to choose is probably the most important question.
  3. Many pick-up lines sound like clichés. Pick-up lines are all composed and made up in the same way, many of them have the same style, rhythm and a theme. As a result, they all sound alike though may still work. There is always a risk to meet a woman of refined taste who has read a couple of books in her life.
  4. A large number of pick-up lines are either sexually charged or have hidden sexual implication. Using them if you are an adult man and have serious intentions is a bad idea since these lines are all about sex and nothing else. The major problem here is that the number of these lines is large but the number of women accepting them is small, which often creates dissonance between individuals of the opposite sex.
Advantages and disadvantages of pick-up lines

How to choose the right pick-up lines

Sometimes trite, corny pick-up lines work perfectly, oftentimes they do not. Why do misfires happen? You cannot apply the same cliché to all the variety of characters and personalities that exists in women’s world. Different girls find different lines appealing — just bear this rule in mind and always try to figure out in advance who is in front of you, only then make a decision. Remember that the lines you are going to use will tell her much about your temperament and attributes.

The safest approach is to use common patterns that are silly but still not harmful or offensive and to avoid dirty jokes completely, especially if you are forty years old. This gives you a great chance to be perceived by many women as a funny, confident, positive and friendly person. Direct lines, when you get straight to the point, attract girls who prefer men with firm leadership qualities. Finally, impulsive and aggressive women like machos who use sexual lines and vulgar compliments. You have to discover yourself what type of lines serves you best.

Use pick-up lines to show up your strong points

Now it is time to put knowledge into practice and to get more specific. Which lines have the strongest effect? As it was mentioned above, the goal is always to create a proper advertisement. Therefore, the use of pick-up lines that can highlight your positives is the very way to go. Your culture, generosity, intellect, wealth or whatever else you have — everything is suitable. Aim to spotlight the most unique and attractive features of your individuality.

You should also ensure that you start a follow-up talk to establish a connection. If you managed to engage her in a follow-up conversation, your chances of getting a date are super high. The talk should be smooth and pleasant since it helps build confidence, which in turn makes a woman more open.

Pick-up lines work better if you are confident

Being self-confident when using pick-up lines is what guarantees you tremendous success. Women admire confident guys able to express themselves. They are fond of men who have clear goals in life and can achieve them. Direct lines with funny intros will do the job. Here are some advices about how to look confident:

  • Take the lead and be proactive during the conversation.
  • Predict her answers but do not interrupt.
  • Speak in a steady way.
  • Be polite but assertive.
  • Think fast; quickly reply without noticeable lags, otherwise you risk being perceived as a slowcoach.

Pick-up lines must bring energy

The lines that you use must always bring positive energy, happiness and delight to everyone around you. It helps you became popular and make friends. You should learn how to put smile on the faces of the people you may meet. Spreading positive vibes, you will easily make conversations even with absolutely unexpected individuals. If you are not familiar with telling jokes and all that sort of thing, practice is what will work for you. Start practicing pickup-lines on a daily basis and soon your new witty personality will start attracting women like an industrial magnet.

The best pick-up lines are those that reflect your personality

Certain pick-up lines indicate certain personality traits. The best approach is to use only those that describe exactly your nature and what your ideas and attitudes are. Your character and charisma should be completely disclosed. Women value men who use pick-up lines that unveil their hobbies, interests or qualities. From these lines, they detect who the stranger is and predict his behavior with them. Enquire about her profession or occupation and if she answers go deeper into a subject — this is probably the easiest and generally known way to show up your good qualities.

Compliments are a big help

You can multiply the effect of pick-up lines by combining them with simple, ordinary compliments. Giving them is easy; you just need to take into account a few general principles:

  • Avoid constantly commenting on her appearance.
  • Be sincere and genuine.
  • Tell her something she would expect least.
  • Flirting in the very beginning will immediately lead to a fiasco.
  • Only give specific praises.
  • Never compare her with something or someone.

Do not use sexually charged pick-up lines

If you have serious intentions, you should refrain from telling dirty phrases. You cannot use sexual lines because they quickly reveal that you are only interested in sex. Not every woman wants to be viewed as a living sex toy. Frequent use of pick-up lines that have sexual implication is a failure. Remember that overtly sexual lines are good for young boys looking for short-term intrigues; these lines only attract risk-taking and flippant personages, whether it is your case or not is completely up to you.

Here they are

  1. If someone got a flower each time he thought of you, his life would be a botanical garden.
  2. If prettiness were time, you would be eternity.
  3. Your beauty is like the sun, men have to drop eyes in order not to lose their eyesight.
  4. Your carriage is so queenly that you must rule England.
  5. This cake tastes a bit bitter. Could you stick your beautiful finger into it to make it sweeter?
  6. If being pretty were a felony you would be definitely sentenced to life.
  7. Life without you is just like a broken pencil, it is pointless.
  8. Are you lost? Because heaven is in the opposite direction.
  9. If McDonald’s decided to name a burger in honor of you, the name would be McGorgeous.
  10. It seems dark, could you smile for extra brightness.
  11. The only thing your mesmerizing eyes do not tell is your phone number.
  12. You are hot. There definitely is a clear correlation between your birth date and global warming.
  13. If your name were Grace, the surname would certainly be Ful.
  14. Is that a quake, or is it just men’s hearts pounding because of your beauty.
The right pick-up lines