A photo of a hot bride best russian bride Viktoria ID: 205091, 30 yo
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Viktoria (ID: 205091)


Age 31
Birthday 07/30/1987 (Leo)
Height 160 cm = 5'3''
Religion Christianity
Weight 53 kg = 116 lbs
Partner age 37-65
Eyes Gray
Country Ukraine
Hair Black
City Kharkiv
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children one
Occupation Banker
Smoking No smoking


My name means "Victory" and for good reason! To achieve this goal - no problem! To become beautiful, attractive, intelligent, interesting - I will not say that easy but I did it! I'm respected in my circle of colleagues and friends! Don't know exactly how many people turned their necks looking back at me ... But this figure is definitely a minimum three-digit value... Now when I praised myself , just humbly add that my friends say that I very kind and sympathetic person. It is not simple words... Life has tested me many times and I know whereof I speak! Most of all I appreciate kindness in people! What do you think about this?


My biggest hobby is to stay in great shape , both in physical and spiritual! I never allow myself to be lazy,so the sport is the second class after the mental development and perfection! Yes,I love to read books! This is an incredible method of obtaining information, because it enters the brain directly through the eye! It does not require wifi, Bluetooth or air drop! I'm old-fashioned? maybe... I don't care how you get your information from, but I want you to be filled with something that may be of interest to me!

Ideal Relationship

What I'm looking for? .. Man... a Friend... a Reliable shoulder, a good heart, creative mind... I wish you could feel as much as I do! I want you like I could catch every moment and make it your own! I want you to enjoy everything that happens and be very open to each other and nothing to be ashamed of! I'm looking for the same powerful energy flow like my and that these two streams created a real tornado of feelings, emotions, love!

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