A photo of russian bride pretty russian bride Marina ID: 247119, 26 yo
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Marina (ID: 247119)
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Age 27
Birthday 03/31/1992 (Aries)
Height 157 cm = 5'2''
Religion Christianity
Weight 45 kg = 99 lbs
Partner age 45-55
Eyes Gray
Country Ukraine
Hair Light-Brown
City Kharkiv
Education Higher
Marital status Divorced
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children None
Occupation Manager
Smoking No smoking


How it’s good sometimes to think about your character and discover what you like in yourself and what you want to improve! Let me tell you some features I see at myself! I like that I am very responsible, purposeful, thoughtful, responsive, have a good sense of humor and affectionate person. I love having the intelligence to learn new things, and the courage to risk failure! My heart is full of love! I try to avoid conflict situations and don’t like to argue or being jealous. I’m romantic person and pay a lot of attention to feelings. I will never hurt someone else and will not like to be hurt too. My friends say that I have a strong desire for life and to find my true love.


I’m a good cook and like cooking tasty meals. Hope to start doing it not only for me, but for my soul mate too soon. I like nature, gardening and flowers and always try to have some at home to make it cozy and fill home with romantic atmosphere! I enjoy to sew different clothes, that helps me to relax. I like to feel myself beautiful, care about my health and body.

Ideal Relationship

I’d like to meet a man I can feel comfortable and happy with in every conditions. I wish my man to be honest, strong, reliable, calm and have a wonderful sense of humor. I want we find a reason to smile together in any situations! He will have the most important and warm place in my heart. I want to find love and happiness in my soul mate and make our life like a dream that came true.

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