Photo of russian bride Yulia ID: 247121, 20 yo
Mykolayiv, Ukraine
Yulia (ID: 247121)
was online today


Age 21
Birthday 07/31/1998 (Leo)
Height 170 cm = 5'7''
Religion Christianity
Weight 56 kg = 123 lbs
Partner age 30-65
Eyes Hazel
Country Ukraine
Hair Black
City Mykolayiv
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Beginner
Children None
Occupation Teacher
Smoking No smoking


I am very romantic and like to make the atmosphere in my house calm and romantic. I am creative and full of energy. I like to have fun.


I enjoy watching cooking programs and TV-shows. That is so interesting to prepare something new and to make your dearest people satisfied with the bright flavour of the new dish.

Ideal Relationship

I am a romantic girl, so I need a romantic man. I believe, there are still such men, who will do for you some little pretty things just to make you smile. I want my man to be well-mannered and also intelligent.

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