Amazing a photo of russian mail bride Victoria ID: 364557, 34 yo
Kherson, Ukraine
Victoria (ID: 364557)
was online today


Age 34
Birthday 05/18/1984 (Taurus)
Height 160 cm = 5'3''
Religion Christianity
Weight 52 kg = 114 lbs
Partner age 31-61
Eyes Brown
Country Ukraine
Hair Blond
City Kherson
Education Secondary
Marital status Widow(widower)
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children one
Occupation lashmaker
Smoking No smoking


First of all, to describe myself I want to say that I’m not that kind of women who get used to sit still. I always try hard to change my life, to make it better, brighter, happier. There’s often a smile on my face, but that smile isn’t frivolous or awkward, that’s the strong smile which leads me along my life. Wise men said that we should go through life smiling, aren’t they? I never give up and strive for the best result no matter what I do. I am always responsive and caring for my friends and relatives. I give them all of me, and I usually receive a return although I do everything disinterestedly. For you I promise to be loving, helpful and understanding and also warm and passionate))


There are many things I like to do but I think that my main hobby is my job. I know, people usually don’t treat their job as a hobby but I can state I like my job quite much to say that’s the thing that I do with passion. My profession is master-technologist for nails and eyelashes extension. It really brings me some kind of pleasure to make my client’s appearance better. And my soul warms up when they thank me. Also I do fitness. Moreover that it keeps me in form, it helps me to take a break from everyday problems and routine. So, this is my ability to keep myself healthy physically and mentally!

Ideal Relationship

I’m looking for a man who is caring, responsive and confident in himself. A man who is passionate and sensual but also wise and judicious. A strong man I can rely on. He has to see clearly what he want, to know what he do in his life and to distinguish what he actually need from what he want. He should be ready for everything: no matter if it’s happiness or affliction, joy or grief, success or failure. He has to be brave and not to be afraid of troubles and different difficult things in life. Looking at those traits, you might think I am looking for a fantastic knight. Of course, I’m not. I just want to love and to be loved, like every woman do. I need someone to be feel happy with. Someone I can trust my heart and soul. So, are you ready to become my knight?))

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