Glorious a photo of meet russian bride Tatyana ID: 364604, 34 yo
Dnipro, Ukraine
Tatyana (ID: 364604)


Age 35
Birthday 02/23/1984 (Pisces)
Height 170 cm = 5'7''
Religion Christianity
Weight 55 kg = 121 lbs
Partner age 35-65
Eyes Green
Country Ukraine
Hair Grey
City Dnipro
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Beginner
Children None
Occupation Business lady
Smoking No smoking


I am a sensual, gentle and romantic person, but at the same time I am a pretty serious young woman. I am just an ordinary woman without bad habits who is looking for her happiness, love and understanding. And, of course, I'm looking for harmony, I think it's very important for any relationship. If I find all this in my life, I will be happy to share it with my loved one. I want to fall in love and create a happy family. I'm ready to move to your country and start a new life with you.


I would say that I am an energetic person; I keep in good physical shape because it helps me look and feel good. In summer I prefer to go to the beach. . I like going to the theatre. I also like to go to the movies and watch different movies. I hope that we will do it together. What else? Ah, Yes-dancing, I like very dance. I really like doing a lot of things and I think there are a lot of interesting things that I haven't tried yet. I like my work, it is one of my main Hobbies.

Ideal Relationship

They say that the wounds of the heart, which have not found reciprocity in love - only time heals.. But, no time, no longing, no substitute for love.. Love is the strongest feeling on earth. Only love can change your whole life.. Only love gives a person wings.. Only love brings unearthly suffering and unearthly happiness.. People are born for love and die for love.. For the sake of love they write poems and songs.. For the sake of love, they build cities and conquer new earthly spaces.. Everything in this world is ruled by love.. Love is necessary for every person, as air, as a breath of water, as the sky and the sun.. Without love, a person does not live, he exists... I'm only here for love...I want to find the other half of my heart.. Share with your loved one all the joy of life and sad moments.. Hug, kiss, enjoy life, fly away into the world of passion and tenderness and be happy together.. JUST ME AND YOU.. I'M LOOKING FOR YOU, MY LOVE WILL FIND YOU...

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