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Tatyana (ID: 364604)
Dnipro, Ukraine


Age: 36
Birthday: 02/23/1984 (Pisces)
Height: 170 cm = 5'7''
Weight: 55 kg = 121 lbs
Eyes: Green
Level of English: Beginner
Education: Higher
Partner age: 35-65
Occupation: Business lady
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Hair: Grey
Marital status: Never married
Children: None

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Everyone who met me at least once knows that a smile never drops from my face, despite any difficulties in life! I try to always remain in good spirits, because if we are sad and nervous when we have some problems , it will not improve our situation, on the contrary, it’s better to think positively and then things will get better! Yes, the world is tough and scary enough, it’s easy enough to get depressed, so the main rule is to treat everything more simply and positively! I think every girl should follow three clear rules are to be a good daughter, a good wife and a good mother! Betrayal is terrible for me, like a lie, so I will never harm my close people! Moreover, I am a very sensitive person, and if someone feels bad, I always take it to heart and try to help! I am a very emotional girl, this applies to many things and if I feel sympathy or attraction to someone, I will not keep silent about it, I think that it is stupid to waste our time and need to fall in love, do crazy things


As I said inside me lives the passionate cat and the cute defenseless kitten, so these two parts of my character have different abilities and interests! for the cat I dance, I love different types of dancing, now I spend a lot of time dancing on the pylon, this is not for strangers, just for me and my future man. I also dance Latin American dances, it looks very sexy when a girl dances salsa, it is a passionate dance, and it shows how much passion is inside of me! I play the piano and I love to sing, especially compose some songs and once I will dedicate a song for my love. I love to cook, I think that I am a real born chef and in my house always smells like delicious freshly prepared food, cooking really inspires me! I love to read, especially I love classical literature, but now I pay great attention to books on psychology! Of course, I love sports, because it is an integral part of the modern personality.

Ideal Relationship

I don't need a beautiful man, I need someone who is beautiful inside and who has real male qualities! It is important for me that a man be passionate, because passion and attraction to each other is a pledge of happy relationships! I want him to not hesitate to kiss me in public, I want us to reach out to each other like a magnet, no matter where we are! I don’t worry about the difference in age, if a man is older than me, on the contrary, it’s a big plus because I’m looking for a man who is experienced enough and knows what he wants and he knows how to oh love a girl! love and care are very important for me i want to feel myself beloved and then i will make my man the happiest in the world! I will always be a caring, loving, tender and passionate woman for such a man.

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