A photo of a hot bride meet russian bride Anna ID: 364707, 28 yo
Zaporozhe, Ukraine
Anna (ID: 364707)
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Age 28
Birthday 10/25/1990 (Scorpio)
Height 167 cm = 5'6''
Religion Christianity
Weight 50 kg = 110 lbs
Partner age 44-65
Eyes Green
Country Ukraine
Hair Black
City Zaporozhe
Education Incomplete Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children None
Occupation The business
Smoking No smoking


I am a simple woman with plenty of good qualities, but I am only human and not at all perfect and of course I have flaws. I love honesty and I want to be honest with you, no matter how you look, it does not matter if you're older. I'm open to relationships I'm open to love, I want to be open to you, but always have a twist and a riddle.


I love films, absolutely different, from classics to art house movies. I go in for sports, like any self-respecting person - not from this cult, just to be in good shape. I love solitude, as a normal state in order to bring thoughts into order, or even throw them out of my head. I talk a lot about the kind of activity, I have to balance myself and other people.

Ideal Relationship

Ideal relationships for me are built on mutual understanding, I'm ready to dedicate all my relationships, are you ready for this? I don't believe in perfect and I want a simple good man. I want to give you my smile and love, make you happy and rejoice with you. To wake up and fall asleep together. I love romance and I want to share this with you.

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