Glorious a photo of ukrainian girl Viktoriya ID: 453583, 27 yo
Kiev, Ukraine
Viktoriya (ID: 453583)


Age 28
Birthday 01/22/1991 (Aquarius)
Height 170 cm = 5'7''
Religion Christianity
Weight 60 kg = 132 lbs
Partner age 29-65
Eyes Green
Country Ukraine
Hair Black
City Kiev
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children None
Occupation Lawyer, Attorney
Smoking No smoking


Do you know who the night fury is? In my understanding, this is not a cartoon dragon , it is a woman who can incinerate a man with her eyes... It's dangerous but exciting at the same time... This is a woman who has a powerful energy...This is a woman who despite her difficult temper secretly wants to find a man who can tame her... This is a woman who will melt on the palms of someone she can love ... This is a woman who will win the heart of this man forever ... This woman


I enjoy spending time outdoors, hanging out with friends, I read books and watch movies,mostly comedies... I dream to open my beauty salon, I want to do business. But I want to have a business that won't take too long that won't be a hindrance to my future family. I work a lot on my figure, keep myself in good shape. I try to constantly try something new and develop in different directions.

Ideal Relationship

I need a real man, one that will give me a range of sensations,gentle and sharp, hot,like me ... I can't stand the low temperature in a relationship because my inner volcano is going to go out! I want to meet someone who will add fuel to the fire in a good way...I want the flame to meet the gasoline ... But first of all I want to find a pleasant companion here , where we can find out how it's all "about us"...

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