Astonishing a photo of ukrainian dating profile Yulia ID: 453656, 20 yo
Kiev, Ukraine
Yulia (ID: 453656)


Age 21
Birthday 11/18/1997 (Scorpio)
Height 165 cm = 5'5''
Religion Christianity
Weight 49 kg = 108 lbs
Partner age 30-65
Eyes Green
Country Ukraine
Hair Light-Brown
City Kiev
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children None
Occupation Programmer
Smoking No smoking


I am a positive bright girl! Why bright? Because in the outside a spark burns and illuminates my plans and dreams in this life! I want to share this with my chosen one and connect our lights and then we can achieve our common goals! I am very caring and gentle nature, I love affection and tenderness, but I can be passionate! I love to do everything and as much as possible to make my life more interesting and full, I want to share my energy and love!


I have many different hobbies! Trite but it is a sport and proper nutrition! I want to be healthy in mind and body! I take care of my health in all ways, I want to have healthy children sometime! I read a lot and watch educational shows! I love communicating with smart people who have succeeded in life, I like to learn from their experience! I like communicating with animals, with nature! I love to travel, discover new cities and countries! I work to become successful in my career and in my family!

Ideal Relationship

I'm looking for my man. This is the main characteristic. Just when I touch his cheek with my fingertips and hear the smell of his skin, I can understand that he is mine. And I want to be his half. I am not looking for a person with a certain set of qualities, character, temperament, social status. No ... This is all the lot of mercantile persons. I feel with my soul ... And when this happens, we both will understand it at the same time and be happy forever!

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