Glorious a photo of meet russian bride Svetlana ID: 54228, 42 yo
Kiev, Ukraine
Svetlana (ID: 54228)
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Age 46
Birthday 04/27/1973 (Taurus)
Height 167 cm = 5'6''
Religion Christianity
Weight 48 kg = 105 lbs
Partner age 30-65
Eyes Blue
Country Ukraine
Hair Blond
City Kiev
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Intermediate
Children None
Occupation manager
Smoking No smoking


I'm in despair, but when I compare to other men, I feel comfort". I am woman who take care of my physical appearance. I am absolutely Lady in public, and not afraid to show my sexuality at bedroom with my man. I am intelligent, I can keep a conversation about any topic, and finds interest in everything. I like to laugh and find the joy in the little things in life, and appreciate the things life offer me. I respect a man with morals and dignity. There’s a great woman... behind every great man. Simultaneously I am a founder and the Dalai Lama of «Organization for the Protection Profiles without photos». I am convinced that in this century of wars, disasters, and unspeakably high income taxes people should be more tolerant and kind to the profiles without photos, because behind these profiles are people who have the right to cohabitation with humans with photo and contact them. When woman look at man for the first time, she immediately understood, whether they will have sex or not. When a man look at woman for the first time, he immediately understands, whether they have something more than sex or not! Happy end P.S. – What is it? - This is the soul. - Why there are scars on it? - This is the Love ...



Ideal Relationship

I am searching for a kind, reliable, honest, intelligent and family-oriented man. I am searching for a lover to embrace me long into the night. Someone who will entice me with him charms. Someone who’s touch will make me dizzy. Someone to whisper sweet things into my ear. In my turn, I will devote him all my love, attention, all my life... I am so tired of being alone, and so I want warmth and caring.

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