Beautiful a photo of real russian bride Yulia ID: 543721, 23 yo
Kiev, Ukraine
Yulia (ID: 543721)


Age 24
Birthday 04/15/1995 (Aries)
Height 165 cm = 5'5''
Religion Christianity
Weight 52 kg = 114 lbs
Partner age 30-65
Eyes Blue
Country Ukraine
Hair Blond
City Kiev
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children None
Occupation Decorator
Smoking No smoking


I'm a girl who always remembers who she is and cherishes honor... I'd like to be with a man who appreciates women who lead decent lives. I remain bright externally because our times dictate strict rules and people evaluate each other on the external data, but I am the person who can open up in the process of communication.


My hobby is to be happy! I do everything that is useful for me ! I can Wake up in the morning and realize that I haven't ridden a horse in a long time , or why don't I go to the recording Studio and record a song. I never sang, though... Or just Wake up, get dressed, take my passport and go to the airport... and then just the next flight somewhere... Isn't that cool?!

Ideal Relationship

The man of my dreams is the one who will do me a foot massage when we watch the movie!) Well... That would be cool but I'm kidding... I would like to meet someone who will feel me, who will care about my soul... So many hypocrites around... And somewhere among them is exactly the one who will be honest with me, as I am with him!

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