A a photo of beautiful russian bride Tatiana ID: 543777, 23 yo
Kiev, Ukraine
Tatiana (ID: 543777)
was online today


Age 24
Birthday 11/17/1995 (Scorpio)
Height 162 cm = 5'4''
Religion Christianity
Weight 48 kg = 105 lbs
Partner age 30-65
Eyes Hazel
Country Ukraine
Hair Black
City Kiev
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Beginner
Children None
Occupation fitness trainer
Smoking No smoking


Between all single ladies, I hope to be one who will get your attention! I am positive, easy going and sincere women, I am not shy, I am full of passion and zest for life! I am actually satisfied with my life, but I miss love, I miss hot passion and spice, so I would like to meet an online great man and make each other feel like in heaven. Do not hesitate to contact me. I am a kind, soulful, jolly, tender and gentle person by nature. I try to make this world warmer with every my action, with every my smile. I hope we will meet and you will see that I am a creative person. I have a vision of what the perfect relationship is like, but must admit the reality is not always the same but fundamentally trust and communication and affection and honesty are key elements. And I am ready to do what it takes to have this perfect relationship because so much depends on a woman in family life. I am here to meet my soul mate and partner for love and life.


I get used going in for sports since my childhood. For now I prefer fitness and ballroom dancing. I like beauty in general that is why when I have time I like painting. I would like to paint picture with my man and that will become picture of our love. Also I like reading, walks and spending time with friends. By the way, I should add that I like cooking, so my man will never be hungry.

Ideal Relationship

Faithful! This is the crucial quality. I believe that only faithful man can bring true love to his family. Honesty also matters a lot for me… I will love you as you are, but we should be transparent before each other, to really know who we are. And last, but not least – I enjoy a healthy good laugh! So make sure that you have an excellent sense of humour!

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