Photo of best russian bride Yulia ID: 544434, 29 yo
Dnipro, Ukraine
Yulia (ID: 544434)


Age 30
Birthday 08/18/1989 (Leo)
Height 175 cm = 5'9''
Religion Orthodox
Weight 53 kg = 116 lbs
Partner age 37-58
Eyes Brown
Country Ukraine
Hair Brown
City Dnipro
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children None
Occupation administrator in a h...
Smoking No smoking


I have a great number of interests. I adore to have and cook tasty meal especially delicious dishes. Most of all I like Italian and Thai cuisine. I like different kinds of sport and I’m excited about skiing. Do you imagine now a romantic dinner in mountains together with a view of the snow falling and shining under the moon. Also I play tennis. I adore nice a and unconstrained communication with people but here I would love to a person with whom we will such conversations in person. How about that?


I adore cooking, horse back riding and painting. Art is my second nature. I am independent woman with strong moral values.

Ideal Relationship

My ideal man needs to be someone who makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. Someone who makes me laugh, but at the same time I want to realize that I can trust him enough to share completely anything. We are all here seeking for something! Now I'd like to know what are you looking for? Something as incredible as love? Do you believe in love and astrology of hearts?

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