A photo of russian bride russian bride match Natalia ID: 544574, 39 yo
Kiev, Ukraine
Natalia (ID: 544574)
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Age 40
Birthday 05/29/1979 (Gemini)
Height 167 cm = 5'6''
Religion Orthodox
Weight 53 kg = 116 lbs
Partner age 47-65
Eyes Green
Country Ukraine
Hair Blond
City Kiev
Education Higher
Marital status Divorced
Level of English Pre-Intermediate
Children None
Occupation lawyer
Smoking No smoking


It's not really easy to describe my personality and my life in couple of words, but I will try to give you an idea about me) Very important to be honest and sincere with each other from beginning, and I hope that when you will write me, you will pay attention on this) I am an intelligent, sensitive well educated, elegant, loving woman, with strong family values, belief in good and always optimistic mood. I don't think, that I am unique in desire not to be lonely, so, my main goal here- is to find my love. And even if it's hard to feel each other on distance, I guess that our efforts won't be in vain, and we will understand this when we look into each other's eyes... I guess, that if you are ready for acts, you know, what do you need to do


I like drive cars and motorcycles, I like to travel, and travel a lot, I like hunting

Ideal Relationship

I am not looking for perfect man, and for me it's not important your age, height, weight or political views.. I want to be with honest, caring, sincere and loving man, who is ready to share this life with his beloved. Perfect people don't exist, but, maybe, we can be perfect for each other ;)

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