Amazing a photo of meet russian bride Irina ID: 545349, 22 yo
Moscow, Russian Federation
Irina (ID: 545349)
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Age 22
Birthday 09/12/1997 (Virgo)
Height 157 cm = 5'2''
Religion Christianity
Weight 43 kg = 94 lbs
Partner age 30-65
Eyes Brown
Country Russian Federation
Hair Light-Brown
City Moscow
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Beginner
Children None
Occupation economist
Smoking No smoking


I am a very sweet and charming girl, more than active in everything I do. I consider myself a Mature woman, but I will always have this little girl in me, so I want a man who can see her and immerse himself in the happiness, fun and excitement of a new world, new emotions with me. Never give up !!! That's my motto!) I strive for sincerity, simplicity and openness. I like a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. I am a creative person, I am full of different ideas, both for life and for relationships)) I love beauty and fashion, high heels and beautiful dresses ... I love a lot of things, mostly what makes life more beautiful: music and travel.


I am woman and I like to be peaceful. My big passion is painting, this is my inspiration! And I have a creative soul. Maybe I look too inspiring? I hope. I am keen on singing, walking, dancing. I like hobbies where I can put my soul inside. And I can even knit a sweater) Be honest, I don't like to lose, but can give in correctly. Even simple walk inspires me to feats, so yes, life is great!

Ideal Relationship

I am here to find someone who is considerate, caring, polite, ambitious and reasonable. A man who remains a real man in all situations and who has the only weakness - his woman. All I want to see in my man is honesty and sincerity. I will be happy if my man smiles in the morning and kisses me, has Breakfast with me. I don't believe in miracles I believe in a happy life with your loved ones! I want to find a man with whom we will move in the same direction and have similar views on life. Where are you, my future lover? I look forward to your appearance in my life!

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