Maria and George!

My dream came true when I met my Maria! She is the most attractive girl among all Ukrainian girls that I have ever met in my life! We met on the bride-forever dating site. We had a lot of chats and millions of letters. We have already communicated for 4 months and we are totally happy! For now I visited Maria in Ukraine only once but it’s just the beginningJ I love her country and I am sure that such a girl could be born only here. When I saw her at first, I through: “Oh, my God! What a stunning woman”. I couldn’t believe myself that I met such a pretty and at the same time very smart and intelligent girl! She is a miracle for me and I am ready for the most extraordinary  actions for  my brilliant Maria!

Thanks for your inspiration, Bride-Forever!

George B., Canada

Olga and Jackson!

Hi, everyone! I want to tell you my amazing story about magic love and tender feelings. I have been searching for an ideal wife and best friend all of my life and now my search is over! I finally discovered the most incredible girl I have ever known. The name of this goddess is Olga! She has the most attentive, humble, sincere and caring nature. Now I can’t imagine my life without this incredible Ukrainian woman! Now and forever I want to live for her and our future children! We met through Bride-Forever dating site and after this my life changed forever. When I first met Olga, she was wearing a red airy cotton dress. She was looking amazing and till that time my heart started beating faster and faster…We had only one dinner but it was enough to understand everything… Olga IS without a doubt my best friend, my confidant, my future bride to-be and the future mother of our children to come! Yes, we fell in love immediately! 7 months passed since we met each other and now we are waiting for a babyJ We are soooo happy and we wish everybody to find his or her real and only love!

Jackson T., United Kingdom

Katerina and John!

I would like to thank bride-forever dating site for the opportunity to meet the most brilliant and effective woman I have ever met! We met with Katerina on this site and for now we have been communicating with each other almost for 3 months! She is a very charming and kind person and she has so nice smile. I adore watching her smiling and having fun with me through video chats. Now I can’t understand how I lived before without Katerina’s eyes …It is always a big holiday for me to see her while we are talking via video camera. I have never met such a stunning woman in my life! I am planning to visit her in the nearest future and propose her to be my wife! I hope she will say ”Yes”

John M., USA

Olesya and Martin!

Hello, everyone! Maybe you don’t know me but I would like to share with my happiness with everybody. I had a great chance to find the best girl in this enormous world! I met Olesya on the bride-forever dating site for the first time. I saw her profile and I couldn’t keep myself from writing to her. I proposed her to chat a little bit just to understand if we had something common. She accepted my proposal and after that first virtual meeting we have been talking daily for 4 months already. She is amazing! I have a feeling that I knew her in my previous life because she understands me from first words! After two weeks I asked Olesya if I could request her contact details and soon we were talking on the telephone. Her voice is like a song of birds. We both were very nervous during our first telephone talk but everything changed for better when I told her “I miss you” for the first time… Yes, I missed her and no matter that we had never seen each other in real life before. I missed her like a person who could have melt my heart after long years of loneliness…And now the only thing that I want to do is just to visit her in Ukraine. I want to walk around her city together. I really want to cook a delicious dinner only for HER! All I want is just to hug her tightly and kiss her lips so special…I can’t wait till I get a vacation and see my beloved in the beautiful city called Kherson.

Martin H., Sweden

Lyudmila and Daniel!

Frankly speaking, I did never think that it is possible to fall in love with a man chatting through website. But it happened to me one day! I found out Daniel’s profile on the Bride-Forever dating site. He was so handsome and confident on his photo and I decided to write to him. To tell you the truth, he didn’t answer me immediately. It took maybe two or three weeks when I got a return letter from him. I understood everything that he was so attractive and many Ukrainian girls wanted to chat with him but I was not ready to lose my hope of knowing him closer. But finally after long days of waiting I saw a short letter from him but it was a letter from DANIEL! And I was overjoyed! And here everything began…I was feeling that he continued to talk to other girls too but I truly believed that one day we met and maybe then we would be together till the end of our life! You could ask me why I so desired to be with man whom I saw only on the photo? But it was something special in his eyes…And he was open in his words and dreams. Day after day I was dreaming to meet him in real life. I was sure that when he look into my eyes, he would fall in love with me the same as I did long time ago. And on 11 of June 2011 he flew to Kharkov. All day I was preparing to our meeting : a nice dress, good perfume and brilliant hairstyle. Everything  for my prince! We agreed to date at one calm restaurant in the centre of the city. It was 7:30 p.m. when I saw my love for the first time. I can’t remember myself at this moment because everything inside me was shaking. But when our eyes met, we both felt love. It was not my wish. He told me about it laterJWe spent a great weekend in Kharkov and we were so happy to be together! I can’t think about anything else except him. I’m waiting for our next meeting in August and I hope that after that we will never be apart and spend our lives together!

Lyudmila F., Ukraine

Karina and Markus!

First of all, I would like to thank to Bride-Forever dating site for making my meeting with Karina possible. It is difficult to imagine that one could find his soul mate in another country without the help of this service. But nowadays many men from different countries are afraid of using this service because most of all don’t want to be cheated by Ukrainian brides.  But I can totally say that Bride-Forever changed my life irreversibly. I am sure that before meeting Karina I was not alive. I was just living for myself thinking only about my work and my house. I supposed that at first I should earn enough money and only after I could create my own family. But how I was wrong.  How much time I lost because of it… Expensive cars and parties with celebrities mean nothing when you are alone and have nobody who you could talk to anytime. You could know lots of people but if you don’t have anyone who could understand and support you in all your beginnings, you will be totally alone, no way! Now I feel like an angel with wings who flies and rays love and happiness! I am totally happy and all of this made with me my charming Karina! I wish everyone to find their true love! Bride-Forever, you changed my life and I will never forget it!

Markus L., Canada

Anastasia and Paul

Dear Bride-Forever,

Thank you so much for making my trip to Ukraine unforgettable. Yes, it was a wonderful visit. The place where I lived at was amazing. All historical places were close to my apartment and I had very friendly neighbors. The evening with beer and crayfish was really coolJI had no trouble getting around and everything I wanted was close by. Also I met Nastya during this time. I liked this girl at once because she is real. We went to a local restaurant and had Sushi which for me was a first time and it was great. Then afterwards we went bowling and had a good time. We are still chatting and sending letters back and forth. I want to believe that it will work and our next meeting will happen very soon.

I fell in love with Odessa and Nastya!

Paul Q., USA

Helen and Tony!

I would like to share with you my happiness and feelings about the man I met. His name is Tony and he is the Prince of my Heart! Only yesterday we were sitting on the bench near the fountain and noticing nobody around us…We were looking at each other and it didn’t matter to us that we were not alone. We were kissing and kissing. It was amazing! My lips still feel his warmth. It was our first date after long communication through internet but I already knew that he was kind, sensitive and a real gentleman. Now I know that meeting "tete-a-tete" is very important. Our next meeting will be in his country – Norway- and I can’t wait till I see him again! I am very glad and excited to get to know this wonderful person better day by day. I am sure that all Ukrainian women are dreaming about meeting such man! Thank you, Bride-Forever! I will love and value my Tony more and more!

Helen K., Ukraine

Olga and Robert!

We are so thankful to Bride-Forever and our agency for the opportunity to meet each other. We started our communication one year ago and today we are celebrating the first holiday of our relationshipsJ Robert made me feel like a real lady. Before I used to think that I was  an ordinary boring girl who couldn’t make a man to feel happy next to her. I couldn’t even say that I liked my appearance. But Robert changed my world. He helped me to realize that I am a charming and beautiful woman even if you wear funny clothes like on this photoJ. Nobody could ever make me laugh like my Robert could. He spoiled me with millions of compliments and beautiful presents.  I felt like in paradise being with him and even now I feel this every time. Thank you, Robert, for finding me in this world! Thank you, dear, for being with me! I love you so much and I will do everything for you!

Olga G., Ukraine

Elizabeth and Markus!

Christmas is very special time for everybody who believes in miracles and is not tired to wait for them. I belong to such people and I have always been dreaming about real and true love.  I am a very sensitive and tender Ukrainian girl and I can’t live without sweet feelings. When I was a little girl, my Mom called me “a little kisser” because I couldn’t live even a day without kissing my parents, my friends and even my toysJAnd when I grew up, I was realizing that I live in this world just to give my love, my open heart to all people who really need it. But I was dying without love…And since 10 years old my only wish on Christmas was to find a real prince who would love me for the rest of our lives and even longerJAnd can you imagine that one Christmas Eve I found HIM! It was Markus who was looking at me from his photo on the bride-forever dating site. Not losing any second, I wrote a huge letter to him with congratulations with Christmas and New Year. I wished him everything that I wanted to be in my life. And Markus wrote back to me in 10 minutes! He was online at that moment and he was so impressed by my letter that immediately I got a proposal to have a video chat with him. Fortunately, my beloved interpreter and at the same time a new friend was at the office this evening and helped me with the chat. It was amazing time while we were talking with Markus through web camera. He turned to be a real prince from my dreams! He was so attractive, smart and had a great sense of humor. All our chat was full of warmth and joy. And since that day we have been communicating for almost a month! Markus is going to visit me in Kharkov as soon as possible. Christmas gave me the best present that I had ever had! I still can’t believe to my happiness!

Elizabeth D., Ukraine