Albina and Kelvin!

Six months ago I met Kelvin on this website and I could definitely say that my life has changed after this acquaintance. We have been communicating through letters and chats on the Bride-Forever dating site. Once he came to Odessa to visit me in my city. I showed him our best places and he was surprised to know that Odessa is so wonderful and modern city. We visited the dolphin show and it was really cool! We were smiling all the time just looking at these cute and funny creatures, dolphins. Now I look forward to continuing our communication and I hope this relationship will lead to creation of a happy family!

Albina S., Ukraine

Tatyana and Brett

Dear Bride-Forever Team,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet such a bright lady on your site. Tatyana is like a star on the sky for me that I always wanted to have. Our first meeting will remain in my heart forever…We spent together only 4 days but that time was memorable, and I am more convinced than ever that I have found a second part of my heart.  We spent my birthday together and I can say that this day was the best day in my life. Tatyana baked a delicious cake for me by herself and since that time I am under her spellJ She is an incredible housewife and to my mind it is the best quality that you could find in your future wife. She made a great holiday for me. I met her friends and I saw that this woman is full of tenderness and kindness. I could even see how we grow up our children.  I am planning itJ

The service that you provide gave us time to get to know each other better every day more and more. Your service helps to remove the boundaries, I also recommend that anyone who is dreaming of a new life filled with happiness, should try your service. I want to say thank you to your dating site for all that you have done for me over the past 6 months.  I wish everyone who feels lonely now to stop being afraid and start finding his better life on the bride-forever dating site.

Brett F., Brazil

Nadya and Stuart

We met each other on the bride-forever dating site. I was looking here for a charming Ukrainian wife and I hope that I finally found her. The lady of my heart lives in Kherson. Her name is Nadya . It was the end of March when I got  a vacation. I wrote about it to Nadya  and we decided to meet in Ukraine because it was quite difficult for her to get a visa to Norway to visit me. Before this first meeting we chatted maybe for 3 months. She was so attentive and kind in her letters. Nadya feels sorry to all homeless people in her country. She has a very big heart and I love her for it so much! She wrote a lot in her letters about her intentions to help people who lost their homes. And it melted my heart. For now we both take part in different activities devoted to homeless people. We are happy just feeling that we could make something good for humanity. We are not proud of it but we truly believe that if everyone could even give a smile instead of arguing with each other, our world will be better.

I want Nadya to be my wife in the nearest future and maybe we will stay to live in Ukraine. I love my country but I feel that Ukraine and people here need help. I suppose that I could do a lot to many people being here.  I am so happy that I found such a lady like Nadya is. Our dreams and interests are common . We feel magic when we are together . I don’t know what real love is but I am sure that I don’t want anyone in my life except my beloved Nadegda.

Stuart G., Norway

Viktoria and Brett

I am so thankful to Bride-Forever dating site for giving me a second life. After the divorce with my first husband, I was so upset and I didn’t have any desire to live further. I even refused to eat and all my beloved relatives were so worried about me… But my best friend, Natawa, persuaded me to create a profile on this site and now I can’t find enough words to thank her for this. Almost after two days being on bride-forever.com I found my future. It was Brett. He is like my lifebuoy in the blustering ocean. Fortunately, when we first started to communicate with each other, he was already in Odessa. He was here for his business and one evening we met…And after this day we haven’t already  been lonely in this world. We found each other and it is a great feeling to love somebody who loves you more than else! I got my second chance to fall in love with my own life!  Thank you, God! Thank you, Bride-Forever!

Viktoria M., Ukraine

Julia and Duke!

My name is Duke and I am from Germany. I would like to share my happiness with all of you! When I joined bride-forever dating site I had some doubts about finding someone special online. I thought that internet communication was not for me. I have a lot of friends who met their second parts through internet but I was definitely sure that it wouldn’t happen to me in any way. Every week I visited two or three clubs in my city looking for my love but I didn’t see her in any of those places. Actually, I was really upset because I am already 29 years old and all my relatives tell me that I have to marry a nice girl and create my own family finally. I understood it but couldn’t do anything with it. And one day SHE came to my life. The name of my goddess is Julia and she is from Nikolayev. She has magically blue eyes and breath-taking  smile.  I remember that evening very good when I got a sweet letter from this stunning lady. Julia showed me that she liked my photos and my profile and she was ready to talk a little bit. After two days I called her and her voice made me crazy in good senseJ After hearing this angel’s voice I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I made a decision that I had to visit this girl. And one week after I was driving my car straight to Nikolayev. I had never been there before but I knew that I would find her city. I didn’t tell my angel about my trip..I just wanted her to be surprised and to see her first impression about meJAnd what do you think what happened? I called to her agency and they arranged a meeting with her. But my only condition was not telling her about meJBy the way, thanks a lot, Bride-Forever team, for your cooperation and enormous help! You did a great job for uniting two hearts! Julia was a real princess when I saw her for the first time. She recognized me at once and gave me a beautiful smile. This moment is unforgettable for me and I hope she feels the same!

Duke P., Germany