What is Bride-Forever travel service

Who we are and why we do this?

Bride-Forever tours - this is the first travel service which gives you a chance to meet your love and destiny in the different way, that other services do. We do not propose you to spend all your time on boring socials, that give you no result, where the girls come to drink and dance for free. We are different.

Our strategy is to make you happy - to spend all the time together - having fun, going to barbecue and to the beach, going to the theatre and on the back seats in the cinema, taking a rafting adventure on the mountain river and in the cave, skiing and swim together in the pool.

We think and we know that this is the best way to close two hearts to each other.
With our service you will always know how you spend your time on the tour, what you will do and where you will go.

We are working every day trying to make you happy. We are not wizards and can't create love or other highest feelings - that may only God does, but we can make a lot to close two hearts and to help those hearts to fall in love with each other!!! And many of our clients are thankful us for this. More than that, soon you will have the possibility to talk to our happy clients, that used our service and found the relationship and love with our help. We are not going to place a testimonial articles here, we will give the e-mails, Skype accounts and phone numbers of the clients (of course those who want to share their experience on how to become happy), and you will be able to ask them directly! If you are interested in more information - please contact manager, and you will get all the answers!

Bride-Forever travel service is the first "all inclusive" travel service, which gives to our clients a chance to spend an unforgettable time in Ukraine and soon in other countries, looking for love and romance, and be sure that we will avoid deception and scam from dishonest women, girls and even marriage agencies.

If client pays for the tour, he will not spend a dollar( without his own initiation - if he wants to make a present, or go to cinema for example, if that is not included in a tour) during a tour.


  • Any possible transfers to or from airport, hotel, rest places and so on when you are on tour (in our practice we even had a cases, when men felt in love  with women and wanted to make a surprise to their beloved at 3 o'clock in the night and brought the flowers and so on. Our clients can order flowers and taxi ABSOLUTELY FREE!! We do this just to help you to find your destiny with any possible ways!)
  • Living in the hotels and resorts in every city during the tour with 3 meals a day included.
  • Interpreter for all the time of the tour.
  • Security. We are interested in safeness of all our clients, that is why all the time during the tour we will care about your safety.You just have to contact your manager 24 hours 7 days a week through the phone or internet.
  • Food and drinks (including alcohol) on all parties or socials that are on tour.
  • Every our client has a right to give 3 free flowers every day to a woman he wants.
  • Every client can order one private lunch during the tour with a woman he likes for free. (we will pay for the lunch and flowers!)    
  • When the group of men is coming to Ukraine, at the first day of the tour we make a meeting, where the stylist is working with a group to provide the greatest attraction of a man to increase the chance to find your love up to 100%!!! (we had a lot of examples, when men come to а tour in his beloved pants, shirt and shoes. We understand and respect that, but it happens very often this clothes was not in the best condition, and this reduces chances to success because Ukrainian women love best dressed,shaved and groomed men. That is why we ask our clients to listen to our advices about their external appearance, because this is a very important component of success.)
  • Life insurance for all the time you will be in Ukraine.
  • Soon we will have a psychological service, which will help people from different countries with their different culture and lifestyle understanding each other and make their souls closer. During the tour, our clients will have this service for free. And we want to ensure you, that this is a very important for the future relationship.
  • We are not include a plane tickets in a cost of tour because a lot of a clients have a discount programs to bye a tickets, or can bye it for points, which is the part of customer service programs of many airlines. We do not wont to make money on this and give a chance to airlines to do this with you. So we left this part on you. But if someone prefer to use us to reserve or bye ticket, please contact our manager.