Ukrainian lady Liliya from Kramatorsk, ID:364507

An amazing photo of beautiful russian bride Liliya ID: 364507, 58 years old An amazing photo of beautiful russian bride Liliya ID: 364507, 58 years old
Liliya (ID: 364507)
Kramatorsk, Ukraine

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Age: 58
Birthday: 09/23/1964 (Virgo)
Height: 167 cm = 5'6''
Weight: 56 kg = 123 lbs
Body type: Slim
Level of English: Pre-Intermediate
Education: Incomplete Higher
Partner age: 53-65
Occupation: Accountant
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Divorced
Children: two
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I believe the world is a place to enjoy life with people you love and want to take care of. That’s why my most important value is children. I work in the kindergarten with them and it’s really pleasant! Possibility to give the little ones cosiness and love is precious, it’s fantastic watching them grow up while looking after them. I enjoy caring about my 2 kids too. Sveta is a wife and a mom already and Vova is a student. So, I’m a grandma, but a chic one :) Blond hair, brown eyes and slim figure are the reasons I’m proud to tell my real age.


I find it nice being at home, cosy and calm. My house is a kind of my own little world. I like to relax here, to entertain (have dinners with friends and family), to cook food and other pleasant things. However, I don’t sit in one place forever — I do fitness as my hobby, go out and have small walks across the town.

Ideal Relationship

My dream man is cheerful, positive, caring… and busy waiting for me! I can imagine only the good-natured man around me. The one, who’ll enjoy walking around the forest with me and doing other happy pleasant activities. We should be able to live peacefully together, take care of each other and our loved ones. Of course, he is sporty, open-minded, loves his job and has similar values and interests as I have. Together I wish to discover the world and work on our happiness. I believe that relationships like these are the best solution for the couple.

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