Ukrainian lady Tatyana from Kramatorsk, ID:54425

A marvelous photo of ukrainian woman for marriage Tatyana ID: 54425, 54 years old A marvelous photo of ukrainian woman for marriage Tatyana ID: 54425, 54 years old
Tatyana (ID: 54425)
Kramatorsk, Ukraine

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Age: 54
Birthday: 09/19/1968 (Virgo)
Height: 172 cm = 5'8''
Weight: 65 kg = 143 lbs
Body type:
Level of English: Elementary
Education: Higher
Partner age: 48-65
Occupation: nurse therapist
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Marital status: Never married
Children: one
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Maybe I am a stranger for you now, but I hope starting from here we could be good friends and maybe something more special in future.
I put a piece of my soul in this letter. I think it will help you to get to know me better.
So,what can I say about myself? Of course I can tell you the whole story of my life, but I don’t think it is a good idea!
People are born to live in a couple and the main reason I am here is meeting this second-half of mine.
It happened that I couldn't have found the person to share my life with.
I am a romantic woman who dreams of romantic dinners, romantic walks, travelling with a beloved person. We all here talk a lot about LOVE. But what is love? For me love is care, love is support, love is mutual understanding, love is loyalty. What does it mean for you,dear?


Anyway, In my free time I love reading, it helps to relax for me very much, I love to take a good book and enjoy the reading in the silence, it makes me feel calm and relaxed.
I love listening to the music, sometimes classic one, it also helps much to relax, and of course, I love cooking very much, I love different cuisines, and also love to create new dishes to pamper my only son and my friends.
I am a very good florist and I like to decorate my flat, I like flowers and grow it at home, it blooms for me)
I love traveling, I have been to many places around my country, and my dream is to go abroad one day, to see new cultures, meet new people and make new friends. I think, that the experience we get from traveling is the most significant in our life! And the great dream of mine is to travel around the world!

Ideal Relationship

I don’t like wasting my time, I know what I want and step by step I achieve my aims. I believe in family values and consider them to be vital in life of every person.
Life is all about choices and changes. I am looking for that special someone to share this adventure we call life.
I would like to be together with a man who will fulfill my life with new emotions and feelings, a man who will be a wonderful husband for me, passionate lover and who will make all my dreams come true and my life complete.
I'm eager to build a firm and lasting relationship and happy family and desire to be an integral part of it.
I am waiting for a man who understands that any relation is a hard work and he is ready to perform these duties.
A man who wants to have home where he is always waited for, a man who wants to go through all the life's difficulties together arm in arm.
I am ready to give my heart to a man who will accept this responsibility with dignity and gratitude.
Of course I’m not often serious and I can be naught,if you know what I mean. )
I’m a sensual lady who wants to meet her destiny. Who knows. Maybe it’s going to be you. )

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