Ukrainian woman Yulia from Kyiv, ID:544452

Photo of mature women Gorgeous single women Yulia ID: 544452, 34 years old Photo of mature women Gorgeous single women Yulia ID: 544452, 34 years old
Yulia (ID: 544452)
Kyiv, Ukraine


Age: 34
Birthday: 09/27/1985 (Libra)
Height: 165 cm = 5'5''
Weight: 56 kg = 123 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Level of English: Beginner
Education: Higher
Partner age: 40-65
Occupation: Designer
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Never married
Children: None

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I'm quite a serious and joyous girl. I always try to be very attentive to people who surround me. My personality has a lot of different sides. I have to admit that it's not always easy for me to make new friends but in the same time I'm very easy in communication with people. Maybe because of this I wasn't very lucky in finding my soul mate but that's exactly what I want so much now. I feel that now I'm ready for serious relationship and creating a close family. I'm family-orientated, tender and loving girl. I'm fighter in life and I'm not among those people who are just ready to sit and wait for their happiness. I have a lot of plans and goals and I love changes in my life.


I'm in love with skating. I find this kind of sport very beautiful. And in general I love everything beautifullike nature. I love life. I like animals and I love children. I dream to become a good mother in future. I like reading and music. And I'm very interested in art. I like having deep talks with people. I'm very interested in psychology. And I just like enjoying life. I'm not among those people for whom work is everything.

Ideal Relationship

I desire to find a man who knows how to treat his beloved woman and who can be a real gentleman to her. I know that I'm ready to do so much for my love and I expect the same from my future beloved man. I want to be with a carrying and affectionate man who's not afraid to show his feelings and open his heart. I want to build a really close relationship where two people are ready to be with each other in bad and good times and who are ready to share all the joys and afflictions of life together. I know for sure that real love can be only when two people can trust each other because exactly mistrusting can ruin everything beautiful that can be in our life. I want to be with a man who has his own point of mind and who wants to talk about everything.

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