Ukrainian woman Ivanna from Kharkiv, ID:544783

A photo of russian bride russian bride for marriage Ivanna ID: 544783, 41 years old A photo of russian bride russian bride for marriage Ivanna ID: 544783, 41 years old
Ivanna (ID: 544783)
Kharkiv, Ukraine


Age: 41
Birthday: 04/20/1979 (Aries)
Height: 170 cm = 5'7''
Weight: 50 kg = 110 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Level of English: Pre-Intermediate
Education: Higher
Partner age: 40-50
Occupation: Marketer
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Never married
Children: None

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WARNING! You might fall in love with me! I am a brave woman. And I see you are a brave man who likes to take risk as my warning didn’t stop you and you are reading my profile now! I like to take risk and I am that from those women who are always trying to do their best. I always try to do as much as possible for my self-development, maybe because of this, I have two master’s degrees. I should say that I enjoy every moment of my wonderful life and treasure every day as a gift!


My passion is my dog. And yes, this is very banal but my favorite movie is “Hatiko” because the main character of this story is the same breed like my dog - Akita Inu. And these dogs are truly wonderful, kind and loyal. He always keeps me busy, sporty. I try to be the person that my dog thinks i am. Also I really enjoy learning new things, I read a lot, I like to travel. I walk a lot. I love forest the most. Every time when I go to the forest I can sense the calmness, the soothing colors of the leaves and plants around. I feel life, strength and balance in there.

Ideal Relationship

I want to find here my real soulmate. I need only serious relationships with a kind and a little bit crazy man who can keep calm my demented character. I would prefer a man who can make me laugh when I feel blue than a man who will give me expansive gifts without love. I don’t care about money. I want to create a happy family with a reliable man. I need real support. If you want the I’m waiting for you.

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