Ukrainian woman Alina from Kharkiv, ID:544874

Watch a photo of ukrainian girl Alina ID: 544874, 26 years old Watch a photo of ukrainian girl Alina ID: 544874, 26 years old
Alina (ID: 544874)
Kharkiv, Ukraine


Age: 26
Birthday: 02/04/1994 (Aquarius)
Height: 180 cm = 5'11''
Weight: 61 kg = 134 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Level of English: Pre-Intermediate
Education: Higher
Partner age: 30-55
Occupation: Economists, Fashion...
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Hair: Black
Marital status: Never married
Children: None

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I am an energetic and purposeful person. Benevolent, I love to communicate and find new friends. I'm attracted to travel. I love the quiet corners of the wildlife. I like her charm. My favorite color is black. I am not ambitious, but I do not consider myself self-restrained. Initiative and creativity are always uphill. I'm not conflicting, but quite persistent. I'm optimistic about the world. In everything I always look for positive sides. And I have a good sense of humor


I love photography very much, I like to catch the best shots, sincere faces and beautiful corners of nature. I also like to delight myself and my relatives with something delicious. In my spare time, I am engaged in fitness. Some people believe music is not just an inspiration but also a way of life, that's exactly what I'm dealing with such people.

Ideal Relationship

Everyone has their own ideal. For me, beauty and externality are irrelevant. I am looking for a man who knows how to love. To whom I can trust. The obligatory element is charisma and character. I like the proud men who lead and appreciate their relationship. I want to feel like a real lady next to her husband. It is important for me that a man could listen and support in a difficult moment. Word and deed It is important for me that the man has always looked into the future. Money and gifts are not important to me. Today there are money and tomorrow they are not. All this can be obtained from time. Must have a lot to work and dream

I want my future husband to accept me as I am

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