Ukrainian lady Juliya from Kharkiv, ID:545487

Watch a photo of russian bride for marriage Juliya ID: 545487, 51 years old Watch a photo of russian bride for marriage Juliya ID: 545487, 51 years old
Juliya (ID: 545487)


Age: 51
Birthday: 12/26/1971 (Capricorn)
Height: 170 cm = 5'7''
Weight: 65 kg = 143 lbs
Body type:
Level of English: Pre-Intermediate
Education: Higher
Partner age: 50-65
Occupation: Lawyer
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Divorced
Children: one
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I would say am an easy going and down to earth kind woman. I love travel, swimming, cinema. I also like the outdoors and camping. I am an open book, just ask me. I have a life story for any situation. My son suggested match and I am giving it a try. He is already adult and living with his girlfriend.


I am strong and dedicated to my beliefs, but I am very empathetic to others. I am a great listener and I love a good conversation.
I really appreciate deep friendships. I am extremely loyal to my family and my close friends.
I enjoy my life. I like excitement and adventure, but not every single day... adventures are like spices; too much can be overpowering!
I am relaxed and confident and I'm not afraid to try new things or meet new people. I have a calm approach to most things in life and I don't lose my temper easily. I don't get scared easily and try to keep a positive attitude.
I know how to be a good lover, and I I don't play games. I believe long-lasting relationships are built on honesty and respect.

Ideal Relationship

It is my first time on dating site and I hope I will find that special one. I seek a men who is kindhearted, good listener, romantic, good manner, and who is ready to create happy family. I would like cooking together while we discuss our day. I believe one has to have faith to believe in fate. I dont believe in accidental encounters. I want to share my life with someone who wants the same.

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