Russian woman Anna from Saint-Petersburg, ID:545501

Watch a photo of russian mail bride Anna ID: 545501, 31 years old Watch a photo of russian mail bride Anna ID: 545501, 31 years old
Anna (ID: 545501)
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Age: 31
Birthday: 12/13/1988 (Sagittarius)
Height: 177 cm = 5'10''
Weight: 53 kg = 116 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Level of English: Pre-Intermediate
Education: Higher
Partner age: 32-62
Occupation: artist
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Hair: Brown
Marital status: Never married
Children: None

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I am a lady well shaped with hazel eyes and brown hair! I am from the cultural capital of Russian Federation-Saint-Petersburg. I am an artist and I am really fond of what I am doing. Also, I am a participant in several Russian beauty contests. I never regret the past, so I wanted to say to my happiness I am here in search of my prince. So tell me my darling, where you are?


I am fond of my job and it is as a hobby for me as well.If you would like I will be happy to show you my masterpieces! I love nature so much, walking, taking photos. I prefer to go to the countryside and spend time in calm and piece instead of crowdy clubs and bars. I also love music and I am pretty good singer.

Ideal Relationship

It is spend free time together,it is miss each other during work day,it is notice little things,help each other,support in moments of need. It is never get bored when we are together. I want to find an experienced man wise and strong. I want my man to become a muse for me who will inspire me to create new beautiful things.

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