Ukrainian woman Angelika from Kharkiv, ID:547048

A photo of a hot bride ukrainian lady Angelika ID: 547048, 27 years old A photo of a hot bride ukrainian lady Angelika ID: 547048, 27 years old
Angelika (ID: 547048)

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Age: 27
Birthday: 02/05/1994 (Aquarius)
Height: 165 cm = 5'5''
Weight: 50 kg = 110 lbs
Body type:
Level of English: Pre-Intermediate
Education: Higher
Partner age: 35-55
Occupation: beauty salon owner
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Marital status: Never married
Children: None
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I am a very easy and cheerful person. I came into this world to be happy. So far, I've managed it. I have my own small business-a beauty salon, and I really like what I do. I have several people working for me and I try to maintain friendly relations with all of them. I love it when people come out of my salon happy and in a good mood.
My day always starts with a сup of delicious coffee and my favorite song. This is the key to my good mood for the whole day.
I won't surprise you if I tell you that I love to travel, but what could be more interesting than this in life?
But no matter where you are, no matter what beautiful place you live - it is nothing if you are alone. I decided that I did not want to be alone anymore and I wanted to meet a decent man with whom we would spend a great time together, and maybe even all our life.


I love outdoor activities, riding a bike, climbing mountains, but also just lying on the beach and being lazy sometimes - I also love:) No matter what you do, good company is important.
I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I'm also a member of a protection of nature group in my city. It is very sad for me to see what people have done to nature, but I believe that it is in our power to fix everything.

Ideal Relationship

I don't believe that opposites attract. I believe that to create a normal, healthy relationship, people must have a lot in common: common interests, ideas, views on life. And of course, love is the most important thing. I think it very important to say words of love every day to each other. And also it is very important to talk to each other. Think if people do this two things - more couple stay together and could be much happier.
When I meet my man, I'm sure I'll recognize him immediately.

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