Ukrainian woman Nelya from Mykolayiv, ID:547234

A photo of a hot bride ukrainian wife profile Nelya ID: 547234, 30 years old A photo of a hot bride ukrainian wife profile Nelya ID: 547234, 30 years old
Nelya (ID: 547234)
Mykolayiv, Ukraine


Age: 30
Birthday: 12/17/1991 (Sagittarius)
Height: 170 cm = 5'7''
Weight: 55 kg = 121 lbs
Body type:
Level of English: Pre-Intermediate
Education: Higher
Partner age: 30-65
Occupation: manicurist
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Marital status: Never married
Children: one
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How do you think, what should a good woman be like? Maybe the less headaches and the more happy moments she gives to you, the better she is? I will not tell you why I am special. I would better give you a chance to find it out by yourself. If you want to know about me, just look in my eyes. You can sink in my green eyes and I will save you with my love and tenderness. Sparks in my eyes can cause a fire.


There are so many things I like to do. Traveling, sport, music, art, theatre, cinema, photography, cooking. The list can be long, but is that fun to do all that alone? Which of hobbies and activities will you share with me? Maybe cooking breakfast? Work out in gym? And finally making a cozy home atmosphere?

Ideal Relationship

I want to find a man who will fulfill my dreams! Ahaha no, I am not dreaming about Bentley. My dream is to feel like a little girl with my man. To be surrounded with a lot of love and care, to feel fragile and feminine with him. I want to see that he is still madly in love with me even after 20 years we live together, that he still finds me breathtaking.

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