Ukrainian woman Julia from Kyiv, ID:548180

A marvelous photo of russian bride match Julia ID: 548180, 32 years old A marvelous photo of russian bride match Julia ID: 548180, 32 years old
Julia (ID: 548180)


Age: 32
Birthday: 07/23/1988 (Cancer)
Height: 175 cm = 5'9''
Weight: 60 kg = 132 lbs
Body type: Slim
Level of English: Beginner
Education: Higher
Partner age: 35-65
Occupation: Hairdresser Stylist
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Orthodox
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Divorced
Children: None
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Despite the fact that I am a very calm girl by nature, I really like to have fun and actively spend time with friends and acquaintances ... I do not like alcohol and I do not accept drug use. My best dopping is life)) If I try to describe my position in life briefly, it will sound something like this: "In any situation, remain human, act decently regardless of the circumstances, give yourself entirely to your beloved person, your favorite work and you will receive the same in return"


I'm quite assiduous and meticulous, so hobbies such as needlework and embroidery are my favorite)) From my favorite entertainment I can single out active rest. It can be a hike to the mountains ... By the way, I'm not a white-handed person, I can light a fire and cook a field porridge)) I love kayaking very much, in Kharkov there are steep routes for large companies)) I really want to try kiting, people say it is very exciting ...

Ideal Relationship

What can be better than a warm person who understands and accepts you with all your strong and week sides? That’s what I want to find - an unconditional love.I am an oldschool and want to create a closely-knit family. Am one-man woman so I prefer quality to quantity. I am looking for a serious gentleman, loving and caring, who perfectly knows what he wants. I am sure that real love doesn’t have age, nationality or other differences so I think that older men are much more mature and value family, appreciate and respect women much more than young guys.

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