Ukrainian woman Yulia from Kyiv, ID:550558

You could see a photo of ukrainian wife profile Yulia ID: 550558, 25 years old You could see a photo of ukrainian wife profile Yulia ID: 550558, 25 years old
Yulia (ID: 550558)


Age: 25
Birthday: 12/22/1995 (Sagittarius)
Height: 165 cm = 5'5''
Weight: 49 kg = 108 lbs
Body type: Slim
Level of English: Beginner
Education: Higher
Partner age: 22-65
Occupation: confectioner
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Orthodox
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Marital status: Never married
Children: None
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I am that girl who has not yet lost her faith in love. Love lives for 3 years? I do not think! My burning passionate heart is still waiting for the one that will fill it with tenderness and happiness. My lips are made for kissing, and my body for putting on the shirt of my beloved man in the morning. I am the woman who will combine 3 roles for her man - a friend, a wonderful mistress of the house and a wild lioness in the bedroom. Do you have special preferences for the chosen one? Tell me about them. What if we're looking in the same direction ?!


Everything related to self-development and acquiring new knowledge interests me. Cooking courses, self-development seminar, lecture by a famous person. I will always be happy to join. I have many acquaintances and friends, and I am always open to unexpected trips, costume dresses or just gatherings in a beautiful place.

Ideal Relationship

I AM NOT looking for sugar daddy or person who doesn't know what he wants from this life and what he want from his woman. I am serious to find long term relationships and I want to find a man who will just like me work on our relationships - never take them as granted. Who open to compromise and know what is team work - who know that if lose one of us - will lose both. Who realise that main this is not just to not have problems - but know how overcome them together and get stronger! So perhaps you wish to get stronger with me?

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