Ukrainian woman Lena from Odesa, ID:55129

An astonishing photo of ukrainian woman for marriage Lena ID: 55129, 33 years old An astonishing photo of ukrainian woman for marriage Lena ID: 55129, 33 years old
Lena (ID: 55129)
Odesa, Ukraine


Age: 33
Birthday: 11/25/1986 (Sagittarius)
Height: 157 cm = 5'2''
Weight: 53 kg = 116 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Level of English: Elementary
Education: Secondary
Partner age: 30-55
Occupation: nurse
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Hair: Light-Brown
Marital status: Divorced
Children: one
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If you have ever been tired after coming home late from work in lonely apartment, then you probably need me, because I can make you a top-class massage! I work as nurse and if you ever happen to catch flu, you can definitely count on me. My name is Elena by the way! Friends say that I’m always very elegant and I like to keep my home a cozy place. There are always delicious meals and good wine on the table. My living room is always full of guests and I like to accept either my or my daughter’s friends. She lives with me and we like to have fun together. For example, last weekends we had some good time roller-skating in the park. Frankly, I’m a sincere and reliable woman who wants to have her own family because it will be there after all the friends and co-workers walk away from your life. For that, I need a man who can be my protector. I’m a fragile being, who want to be melting when she sees her prince like a snowflake.


Most of my time goes for work and my daughter. I love my job as a nurse because it’s meaningful and I love to help people. Apart from that I also do massage professionally. Spending time with my girl is another pleasure of mine. We like to have fun going to cinemas or amusement parks. Cooking is another passion of mine. For my man I will always cook the most delicious meals because I will cook them with love. Honestly, I’m open for trying anything new in my life and my list of hobbies is open.

Ideal Relationship

What I want from my man is to be exactly the opposite of a snowflake melting as soon as it meets any resistance. Perhaps you can become an armor for the family and I will be your warm blanket in the coldest of nights. He needs to keep his promises and know how to have fun. He should also like my massages :) These are the most important things for me in people but I guess they are very common. I can cook well, so you probably have to love my food as well. Can I count on you? Can you become a guardian for our family?

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