Single girl Catalina from Chisinau, ID:551469

A beautiful photo of bride for marriage Catalina ID: 551469, 21 years old A beautiful photo of bride for marriage Catalina ID: 551469, 21 years old
Catalina (ID: 551469)
Chisinau, Moldavia


Age: 21
Birthday: 10/04/2000 (Libra)
Height: 167 cm = 5'6''
Weight: 50 kg = 110 lbs
Body type: Slim
Level of English: Advanced
Education: Incomplete Higher
Partner age: 20-65
Occupation: university student
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Marital status: Never married
Children: None
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I think you also noticed that all this is happening in Britain, yes, I love English and I love being in this atmosphere. Hope I get to know US history and culture just as soon ...
A very positive and bright person, I believe that in order to be bright, girls do not need to be with brightly painted eyes and bright clothes. I prefer pastel and nude tones, and at the same time I become no less bright, I think you will be convinced of this when communicating with me :)
I really like to study and I have always been striving for knowledge, so I graduated from college in London and now continue to study at the University of London!
It seems that I will be a good enough companion, wife and not only;)


I am very attracted to travel, and I have already visited many countries, but still not the USA, so .. This is my goal for the future!
As you already know, I love to study and learn something new, I also have a lot of hobbies. I like sports, I devote a lot of time to it. As a child, 3 years was engaged in swimming professionally, and now it's just a visit to the gym! I also like to be in the role of a model for a photo, I seem to be relaxing at this moment. In the evening, I really like to watch TV shows, especially criminal ones. I also read books in the field of forensic science ..

Ideal Relationship

I have always dreamed of creating the same family in which I grew up. I have a full-fledged family, where there is always love and care, I can always rely on my parents and they can always ask me for help. Now, when I live separately, I understand that I do not have enough love and warmth, and precisely that love that only my man can give me. I want to discover this world of love and family warmth, which I miss so much. I have so many ideas and fantasies about what my family will be like and what we could do together .. I want to conquer this world with my man! Discover new things, interesting places, talk a lot, and also open our inner world to each other!
If you crave it too, then we should probably chat! We never know what lies ahead .. Really?)

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