Ukrainian woman Julia from Kyiv, ID:601844

A delightful photo of single ukrainian woman Julia ID: 601844, 33 years old A delightful photo of single ukrainian woman Julia ID: 601844, 33 years old
Julia (ID: 601844)


Age: 33
Birthday: 12/16/1988 (Sagittarius)
Height: 160 cm = 5'3''
Weight: 55 kg = 121 lbs
Body type: Average
Level of English: Beginner
Education: Higher
Partner age: 35-65
Occupation: design engineer
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Never married
Children: None
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Who am I?Sometimes even I don't know. Looking back into my life, very little has turned out the way I had planned. Back then, I made a list of all the things I wanted when I grow up. There are not enough eye rolls in the world to share how I feel about that list Especially when eternity isn't somethig I can even grasp anymore. Because eternity is right now— in this very moment. It is in a child's laugh, a touch of hand, my feet caressed by waves as I plunge into the ocean. People aren’t dazzled by pretty words. People remember stories.Let's make our own.


Almost two years ago I started pole dancing and it’s changed my life drastically. I am physically the strongest I’ve ever been in my life.I can support my entire body weight with just my hands, or my elbow pits, or a single knee.I’m the most flexible I’ve ever been in my life. My goal this year is to get both my side splits and my center splits so I can do more flexy tricks. Pole classes are certainly not for everyone because they require a lot of time and energy, but I’m so glad I finally found my thing.

Ideal Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.As human beings, we come with flaws.For me, what matters is compatibility.I need to find the person who I can effortlessly love for all his quirks and imperfections included. A man might be perfect by definition. He might have the looks of a Greek God, a degree from MIT, a larger than life size wallet, but if I can't connect with him, then he's in noway perfect for ME.
I believe the most attractive trait in an ideal man is the ability to know what makes your woman tick - essentially knowing what makes her happy and what makes her upset.

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