Ukrainian woman Irina from Odessa, ID:605663

You could see a photo of ukrainian dating profile Irina ID: 605663, 35 years old You could see a photo of ukrainian dating profile Irina ID: 605663, 35 years old
Irina (ID: 605663)


Age: 35
Birthday: 07/03/1986 (Cancer)
Height: 167 cm = 5'6''
Weight: 57 kg = 125 lbs
Body type: Slim
Level of English: Beginner
Education: Higher
Partner age: 30-65
Occupation: manager
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Orthodox
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Divorced
Children: one
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Im very active person, people say I have lots of energy inside of me, that this making them feel energized too and insipre them for great things! Im also positive, I cant say there was no things to be sad in my life, but I just dont think about that, I just need to be happy and smile, that will make me feel better. And make people around me feel better too! I just enjoy it when all the people around me feel good, it matters so much for me.


I love to spend my time acitvely, like sports, active games with my friends, I lvoe to go jogging with my dog. I enjoy spending time with the ones who are close to me, there is no thing better for me than being around ith people I know and enjoy. I also love arts but I dont think im great in that. But my biggest hobby is just to learn about the world, I enjoy learning more and more no matters what. I cant say I love to study, but I just enjoy knowing much.

Ideal Relationship

The man who will love me from the first sight, the man who will turn off his head and just let his heart lead him. The man who has passion for me, but also a simple man who knows what is love and how to love. Just that one to who i will matter. That one who will be the world for me.

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