Ukrainian girl Elizabeth from Kyiv, ID:753165

Watch a photo of bride Elizabeth ID: 753165, 24 years old Watch a photo of bride Elizabeth ID: 753165, 24 years old
Elizabeth (ID: 753165)


Age: 24
Birthday: 07/09/1998 (Cancer)
Height: 167 cm = 5'6''
Weight: 43 kg = 94 lbs
Body type: Athletic
Level of English: Upper-Intermediate
Education: Higher
Partner age: 23-65
Occupation: Journalist
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Marital status: Never married
Children: None
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"A woman without shame that food is without salt" is an Arabic proverb. Is it okay if I started with a catchphrase of the past? I think that these words perfectly reflect me and my attitude to life. I think that a woman should be modest, because being immodest is the lot of a man. Therefore, it is difficult for me to talk about what kind of person I am and try to put all my positive sides on display. But if this step helps me find my soulmate, then I am ready to take this step. I am an honest, kind and decent woman. I know people who say words that no one can live their whole life honestly. But then they meet me and realize that they were wrong all this time. My personal brand is absolute honesty with myself and with everyone around, and you know, I value my reputation very much. It seems we've just figured out that I can't be a spy! What qualities do you value in a woman in the first place?


What is my hobby? Probably the most important hobby I have is to be happy! But if you ask what exactly makes me happy, then I will gladly answer you. My job is probably my main hobby in life. After all, as Confucius said a long time ago: "Choose your favorite business and then you won't have to work a day." It is by this principle that I try to live every day. Is this quote close to you? Besides, I really like to spend time actively. I used to be a professional gymnast and volleyball player and even participated in international competitions, but now I just attend my dance class, go to the gym and love walking in the fresh air. What do you think about taking a walk in the park one day? I love reading, especially books on philosophy and psychology. I usually read this when I travel, because traveling is also my hobby. In fact, I have a lot of hobbies, maybe I can tell you about this in a private conversation?

Ideal Relationship

A very pretentious phrase, don't you think? What is an ideal relationship or rather, do they exist in this world? I stopped believing in fairy tales many years ago. So now I'm not looking for a prince on a white horse, but an ordinary man who is ready for a real relationship. Ready for real meetings and become part of the family. I don't care about the age difference or nationality. Height, hair color, eye color, or even weight. All this is not important - I have no requirements that my husband should look like the sailor Popeye. I want an honest, kind and decent man who is not afraid that we may have a difference in age or is not afraid that I can be very honest. For me, the most important thing in a relationship is respect and mutual love! Everything else is irrelevant! Is there a little more love in your heart that you are ready to give me? Then you just need to write to me and this will be our first step! I sincerely hope that you can become the very man I have been looking for all my life.

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