Single woman Andreea from Bucha, ID:753339

Photo of single woman Andreea ID: 753339, 28 years old Photo of single woman Andreea ID: 753339, 28 years old
Andreea (ID: 753339)
Bucha, Romania

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Age: 28
Birthday: 06/07/1994 (Gemini)
Height: 175 cm = 5'9''
Weight: 65 kg = 143 lbs
Body type: Slim
Level of English: Advanced
Education: Higher
Partner age: 30-60
Occupation: Nails Master
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Marital status: Never married
Children: None
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I am very active, open and inquisitive, athletic, extrovert, I love to go out and have fun, I don’t like very big and loud parties, although I don’t mind hanging out with friends, I like to sit at home, draw landscapes. I like both spicy and sweet, and salty, sour, I love and want to try everything in this life! Due to sedentary work, I have to take care of my figure twice as much, but sometimes I really want something tasty. I hope that when you decide to write to me, you will tell me what you like;)


Earlier I said that I am very active, and I like a lot of things, before when I entered the economics I thought that I would do this business for the rest of my life, but later I got a hobby that eventually grew into my profession, I already work in a nail service more than 11 years, I really like it, oh, I just talked about one thing, because I still have so many things that I like, for example, traveling, tell me how much you traveled? How much did I see? What was most memorable? Unfortunately, although I like to visit new places and learn some new facts about this or that place, unfortunately I have a job and often I can’t travel due to being busy. However, when I have free time, I can go for a bike ride and just unwind walking in the same park.

Ideal Relationship

I am looking for a partner with a strong shoulder to rely on in any situation. I'm not talking about physical strength. I mean the power in your heart. First of all, I respect trust, care, understanding and loyalty. I just need a real man! - Is it just my dream? ) Don't worry if you're sad, I can make you smile. If you don't have energy, I will help you find it. what should I do? - This is my secret. Smile, I know I can accept you the way you are, but not the way you want to be. The main question is, are you ready to show me the real you and have a serious relationship that is worth living for?

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