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In Russia feminism has lost a battle, and Russian women, grown up in a patriarchal environment, inherit a role where family values and traditional relationships are still esteemed, a husband is respected, and a divorce is not welcomed. Though the role is conservative, it is still far from being fundamentalist — a woman can follow fashion trends and be a caring wife at the same time. Thanks to the popularity and quality of education, most of them are smart and prefer to have a job rather than be a burden to a partner. Because of the country’s weak economy, they are used to being frugal with money and are famous for their housekeeping talents.
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Do’s and Do Not’s when Dating Russian Singles

Do’s and Do Not’s when Dating Russian Singles

Can you imagine a man that will ever refuse from dating Russian single women? Neither can we. It is not surprising that foreigners from around the globe come to Moscow St. Petersburg and other cosmopolitan cities to find a hot, educated, and ready for marriage girl. Despite all cultural differences and superstitions, Slavic ladies have always been in the limelight of online dating with thousands of males eager to meet them in person. Well, if you are lucky to win her heart and grab her attention, stop celebrating. There is still much work to do.

Dating a Russian Woman Rules

Dos and Don’ts exist when dating any girl despite the country she lives in. With Russian single women, the situation is a bit more complicated, as you always need to keep in mind several things to avoid. It will help you avoid unnecessary struggles or misunderstanding. The following tips are not only about cultural differences. They are mainly about proper treating and devotion to the person you plan to marry someday.


  • Keep on saying she is the prettiest girl you have ever met. Girls love it. Having a wife in Russia is the same as being married in Germany. Whatever ladies do, never stop saying how beautiful and charming they are.
  • Be honest. Do not try to pretend or come up with fake feelings, emotions, and so on. They will notice insincerity right at once. Besides, try to be yourself and share real thoughts about the meal or the color of the living room in the interior design project. Your woman will appreciate the fact you always have your own opinion.
  • Pay as much attention as possible. It is not just about saying compliments all the time. Do a massage after a long working day or help her with bags on the way home from the grocery.

As you may see, do’s for a wife in Russia are generally the same as for any other country. However, things get more complicated when it comes to don’ts.


  • Never show hot Russian ladies the beauty is the only thing you are attracted to. You need to have a real value for her personality and qualities. Just be honest and simple with her, as you are the lucky guy to win the heart of a real model who thinks that looking good is mundane and natural. Praise her not only for the appearance or makeup but also for creativity, hardworkingness, and so on.
  • Never laugh at her habits and beliefs. Remember, it was you who traveled to another country to meet a lady of your dreams. You are a guest but not a host. So, you will need to put up with some of her beliefs or even superstitions. Tolerance is the key to happy relations and strong marriage. Prepare to spit 3 times or find another way if a black cat crosses the road.
  • Never struggle with her parents. She would love it if you get on well with her relatives and friends. If you manage to become a member of her family circle, you will be there for good.

Whatever you talk about or discuss, never underestimate her country. Try to avoid movies where Russians are shown as senseless terrorists or kidnappers. Russia is a huge multinational country with hundreds of traditions and customs. It gave birth to the world’s best poets, composers, painters, and architects. You need to have respect for the heritage supported by the woman you love.

If you do everything right, make sure your dearest one will pay you back. Russian single women know how to treat men and how to make them pleased with fine cuisine, romantic dates, or touching presents on St. Valentines Day.

Getting Along With Beautiful Russian Women: Life After the Wedding

Getting Along With Beautiful Russian Women: Life After the Wedding

Let us assume that you are that very lucky guy who managed to conquer the heart of a hot Russian woman. The wedding was spectacular, and at the moment you are sitting in a room still filled with oversized fragrant bouquets and are trying to figure out what to do next. You, like any grown man, expect your marriage to be successful, long-lasting, and, of course, full of merry moments. Any marriage requires some work to be done to make it happy. Things are slightly more complicated when your spouse belongs to a different culture. Below we offer some simple yet effective pieces of advice on how to live through decades of married life without having quarrels and breaking dishes.

Praise Her for Every Little Thing

All women adore being praised, and Ladies from Russia are no exception. They take pleasure in receiving male attention and warmly welcome compliments on everything they do, even if it does not look very good for some people around them. Here are a few good occasions to please her ears:

  • Fashion stuff. A positive affirmation of how she looks in the new evening dress that made a hole in your wallet always works.
  • Make a happy and joyful face every time she serves you a soup even if it tastes and looks strange. Let her know that you admire her cooking talent — nearly every woman likes performing the role of a sophisticated housewife.
  • Permanently tell her how pretty she is. This is probably the most working and also easiest way to raise her body temperature. Considering that Russian wives are all incredibly gorgeous, you will never have difficulties picking up necessary words.

Think About Having a Fine Time Together

Even if your everyday life is like an endless rat race, you should always remember to take some time to spend it together with your beloved one. This is a very important aspect of a successful relationship. Such cozy and warm moments as taking an afternoon tea can work for strengthening a marriage. Drinking tea, discussing news and current affairs in your and her daily lives will help you both to become closer. Taking her for a brisk evening walk to breathe some fresh air before going to bed will also work. Warm and breezy summer evenings are an especially good time for heart-to-heart talks.

Assist Her to Do Housework

She will definitely appreciate your help with the dish-washing that often follows holiday meals. You will not only show her that you are a caring husband, but also strengthen your ties. Teamwork helps people understand one another and teaches them to communicate and cooperate. Effective and wholehearted cooperation and communication are two major contributing factors in creating and developing a close-knit family, which is, in turn, the very thing every Russian bride is seeking.

Surprise Her From Time to Time

Every girl likes surprising events and stuff. If you want to have an impressive and positive effect, just use your imagination, recall her preferences, and then take some action. Here are some banal, but always working ideas:

  1. Invite her to a restaurant. It should be an elegant and first-class restaurant, not a fast-food spot.
  2. Purchase or cook yourself some tasty meal, then simply have a rooftop picnic. It is very idyllic and unusual setting for a summer romance.
  3. Drive her to the closest theater. Live performance and romantic atmosphere will cheer you both up.

Be Yourself

Being wise psychologists, girls from Russia always know whether a person’s emotions are sincere or not. You can be extremely attentive and caring but they will always identify your true intentions. To be successful at building a relationship with a woman is to be always sincere and perfectly frank. You will not find happiness by faking your emotions and love. True honesty and devotion are the keys to a long-lasting and happy family life. Just follow this uncomplicated piece of advice and enjoy her happy smile forever.

How to Make the Search for Russian Brides Easier

How to Make the Search for Russian Brides Easier

Beautiful and, at the same time, well-educated Russian brides attract men from abroad like a magnet. It is not surprising that they became so popular with western bachelors. They have good grounds for being so greatly demanded. These gentle creatures have spirits that are always bright and happy. Moreover, a typical Russian lady is focused on family values. She dreams of creating a strong traditional family with many kids and a loving husband. Caring for a beloved spouse, giving birth and raising kids, celebrating family holidays — these ordinary, earthly pleasures are just what she needs to be happy. If this is the very woman whom you expect to meet, please read some tips below. They will highlight the path to her heart.

Are Russian Brides for Marriage better than others are?

Before taking a deep dive into the art of dating, we need to understand what makes Slavic wives so valuable and unique. If you become familiar with their personality type, you will be able to plan your strategy for conquering their hearts more effectively. In order to get ready to meet Russian women, learn about what makes them the best brides on the planet:

  1. Higher education has always been accessible and popular in Russia. Sometimes, you can even meet people who have several University degrees. Therefore, a typical woman there understands many about the world, how it works and why the sky is blue. This is a huge advantage because an educated wife can take care of herself and her family. She can help her kids to do homework, after all.
  2. It is absolutely ordinary for Russian women to be financially independent. This independence is not just about such things as sharing the bills in restaurants. They are fully capable of working and contributing to a family budget. Due to the poor economic conditions in Russia, nearly every woman there has to economize. Being financially disciplined, they are used to saving money, not wasting them on trifles. They prefer to feel secure about the future. You can always rely on her and be sure that she is not going to make a hole in your wallet.
  3. For them, it is never a burden, but always a pleasure, the meaning of life, the light that warms their hearts up. They accept the role of a housewife with enthusiasm, and for them rising early in the morning to cook breakfast for kids is just recreational activity, not duty. They really enjoy parenting. They consider positive interactions with a spouse and kids as the best reward for all their efforts.

Where to find Single Russian Ladies and what steps to take

Looking for a woman in another country, especially on another continent, might seem complicated. Uncertainty scares, but in reality, the things are not as hard as you probably imagine. Having a detailed plan, getting familiar with the things that are characteristic of the places you are going to visit and being aware of the society you are going to deal with — these things are a great help on traveling abroad.

Learn About the Culture of Russia

Despite all existing jokes about this country, Russian history is interesting. There is a plethora of enthralling places of interest that are definitely worth visiting. The cuisine of the country is delicious and the architecture is impressive. Take a deep dive into cultural features using available web resources, this erudition will let you be prepared for your trip and will certainly lighten the work.

Utilize the Dating Websites

Online dating has been constantly developing over the last ten years. Now it is probably the most convenient and simple way to find the desired girl to marry. These online services have a lot to offer: web chats, video calls, mailing lists, and, what is most important, a plethora of female profiles that allow everyone to find a perfect match. Do not be afraid of using it — at any moment you can quickly cancel and cut all communication with a person you do not like.

Make a Proper Impression

Always try to show your best sides and be a true gentleman because women from any country approve of men being polite and courteous. In Russia, people say that the shortest way to the heart of a woman lies through her ears. Even a self-confident and successful woman craves male attention and a caring husband by her side. Just show her that you are going to be the right choice and be a lucky winner.

How can western men win the hearts of Russian women?

How can western men win the hearts of Russian women?

These days, international marriages are something that is not uncommon and there are a large number of happy couples that have successfully gone through the years of living together despite spouses’ different nationalities and cultures. Seeking abroad gives western men a good chance to find a woman of dreams and, for many of them, looking towards the east was the best option to accomplish their goals. Russian women are widely regarded as the most caring and faithful wives and it is no wonder that they have already made many western bachelors happy. Though the internet and globalization are currently gradually erasing cultural differences between people, some are still left, and if you are going to date your prospective Russian bride, learning them in advance will greatly help you win her heart. Taking a deep dive into any culture is no longer a major problem today — a plethora of available web resources are ready to assist you in familiarizing yourself with national cuisine, geography, history and a political situation, and this erudition will let you be well prepared for keeping up conversations and making small talks. To avoid writing a long novel, let us just consider a couple of examples that clarify the importance of being aware of cultural features and how it may work for building relationships.

The first example is that a Russian woman has many names. No, these are not multiple second names as you might think. Unlike Latinos, Russian and Ukrainian women do not have second names at all, though they have patronymics. These names are diminutive forms, also known as hypocorisms. Each name is intended for its own specific situation and wrong usage may sound very awkward or even offensive, while correct one will help become closer. For instance, the given name ‘Elena’ has many diminutive variants including ‘Lena’, ‘Lenochka’, ‘Elenochka’, ‘Alyonushka’, ‘Alyona’, ‘Lenusik’, ‘Lenchik’, ‘Lenok’, ‘Lenushka’, ‘Elenushka’, ‘lyolechka’ etc. It is almost like `Jim' — `Jimmy' — `James', but with the only difference that the Russian diminutives are very informal and only close friends or relatives can use them. Learn them all and you will definitely impress her.

Another shining example is that despite being pragmatic, Russian single women still believe in fairy tales. Scarlet Sails, a love story written by Alexander Grin, had been the iconic book for many generations of Russian girls and had a remarkable cultural influence. The story is about the young maiden who has a dream of a prince coming on a ship with scarlet sails to take her away, and how one day her dream comes true. Of course, you are not required to pretend to be a prince, but Russian brides expect you to be confident, romantic and to act like a gentleman. They just hope to get a reliable partner with whom they wish to sail away from gray days to the wonderful coast to spend a life full of colors and happiness.

If you want to know more about dating Russian girls, please stay tuned and read our upcoming articles.

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