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In Russia feminism has lost a battle, and Russian women, grown up in a patriarchal environment, inherit a role where family values and traditional relationships are still esteemed, a husband is respected, and a divorce is not welcomed. Though the role is conservative, it is still far from being fundamentalist — a woman can follow fashion trends and be a caring wife at the same time. Thanks to the popularity and quality of education, most of them are smart and prefer to have a job rather than be a burden to a partner. Because of the country’s weak economy, they are used to being frugal with money and are famous for their housekeeping talents.
Vitaliya, 29
Darya, 26
Alina, 28
Ekaterina, 30
Olga, 34
Eugenia, 31
Victoriya, 37
Yana, 25
Alyona, 26
Ekaterina, 36
Viktorya, 42
Evgeniya, 27

A Perfect Marriage with Beautiful Russian Women: Essential Guide

A Perfect Marriage with Beautiful Russian Women: Essential Guide

So, you are the lucky guy to conquer the heart of a hot Russian woman. It was a tough challenge, wasn’t it? Now you are ready for decades of a successful marriage and happy relations full of merry moments. Oh, you wish it was that simple.

A successful marriage is hard work especially when it comes to Slavic brides. They have a different mentality and state of mind. Western men may find it hard to live with them side by side for a long time. In order not to ruin your dreams, we come up with the essential guide on how to create a perfect marriage with Russian wives. Get ready to write down essential tips.

Praise Always Matters

Every woman loves to be praised. Ladies from Russian are not an exception. They enjoy male attention and compliments whether they deserve them or not. It is just about to please their ears with some pleasant words:

  • Compliment the way she looks or a new evening dress she bought despite the fact it will make a huge hole in the budget;
  • Do not forget to say what a good cook she is even if her soup tastes awful. Every woman needs to hear that she is a good household.
  • Always tell how beautiful she is. This is where you will hardly face difficulties, as your future wife is very likely to have an overwhelming natural appearance. This is where Slavic girls can oppose women from any other part of the world.

The fact that your wife dresses up for a simple dinner the way that she is about to meet the Queen of England should never bother you. They simply love looking flawless.

Spend more Time Together

Our everyday life is a rat race with plenty of big and little things to handle every minute. However, a successful marriage relies on spending as much time together as possible. Even a cup of tea during a day will give your wife a boost of energy. She will feel loved and needed.

No one says you need to give up all the things and rush to your soul mate whenever she calls. A simple 15-walk before going to bed will make things better. On the other hand, if you do not love spending time with her, why did you get married anyway?

Help with the Housework

It will be cute of you to wash the dishes or reload the washing machine. Small tasks will hardly be challenging for a grownup man. Besides, they will not take you long. On the other hand, your Russian bride will notice even a small effort to help her. She will definitely appreciate that. Every small thing can make a difference, especially if you have children.

Unexpected Date

What can be better than a surprise date no matter how long you both have been married? Inviting her to spend time together out of the blue will always have a positive effect. Oh, and do not forget to use your imagination. A simple dinner in the nearest bistro will hardly work. Here are some ideas to encourage you:

  1. Take her to the posh restaurant she has never been to.
  2. Take her to the roof and have a rooftop picnic.
  3. Dress up like a blue-blooded man and invite her to the theater. Russia is full of museums, opera houses, and ballet halls where you may have a splendid time.

Be Yourself

Girls from Russia are very smart. They always know when you try to fake your emotions. No matter how attentive, caring, and loving you may seem, they will notice the fraud. The only way to have a successful marriage is to be sincere and frank. Striving to perfection is good but faking love and dedication will never work out.

Living with a wife from Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any other Russian city is always an adventure. You will never get bored no matter how long you are together. Honesty, love, and devotion are the only criteria for a happy marriage. Add some of the above-mentioned tips and you will enjoy her happy smile for the rest of your lives.

Tips on How to Find Russian Brides

Tips on How to Find Russia Brides

Despite all superstitions about Russian brides, men from all over the globe strive to date them with a chance to get married sometimes. They have all the qualities you are looking for. A Russian lady is beautiful and well-educated. She knows how to represent herself in society despite the background or social position. Women in Russia are motivated with a focus on family. They all dream to have a perfect marriage with kids and a loving man to take care of.

The lack of Russian men reserves plenty of chances for foreigners who come here to meet and start relations. However, you should not expect a hot girl to become your soulmate right at once. Like with any woman, you will need to try to conquer her heart. Are you ready to participate and win the tender? Here are some essential tips on how to find the lady of your dream.

What Makes Russian Brides for Marriage Special?

Before we dive deep into tips and recommendations, let’s figure out why Slavic wives are so special and how they differ from other girls from different countries. We have already mentioned a few things but you are supposed to learn as much as possible about your future potential wife. It will let you work out an effective strategy on how to behave or where to meet Russian women.

To succeed in your affair, consider this:

  1. Women in Russia are very smart. Higher education is natural for the majority of people who live here. What's ’ more, a girl from an average family may have one or two degrees in various sciences. This fact should not scare you away. Just live with it. The woman of your dream is very likely to be smarter than you are.
  2. They can earn a living. This feature is not about sharing the bill for dinner the way many European girls do. It is about self-confidence and the ability to set clear targets. They simply do not want to be dependent on men who can abandon them unexpectedly. It is normal for Russian women to bring up several kids and cover all the expenses on their own.
  3. Focus on Family. Girls are taught from childhood that having a happy family is the main goal. They are keen on relations and marriage. What’s more, they dream about it. In Russia, it is natural to get married at the age of 18-22.

Now when you know some core things to consider, let’s move to the steps that will help you meet single girls for marriage.

Steps to Find Single Russian Ladies

Looking for the woman of your dream in another country is the same as traveling to a place you have never been to before. On the one hand, you need to be careful and well-prepared. On the other hand, you are supposed to work out a kind of a roadmap with all crucial points to take into account during your travel.

Here is what you should do first.

Learn more about Russian Culture

With so many jokes and superstitions about this country, it has a very rich and beautiful history with many exciting places to see and visit. It boasts amazing cuisine, customs, and traditions reflected in medieval architecture, famous paintings, etc. When you go to another country to marry a girl there, you need to be well aware of what you will have to deal with.

Use Dating Websites

The online dating scene has evolved over the years. It introduces up-to-date platforms where you can meet brides and chat. It might be a good idea to start relations online and travel to the girl who already knows you. At least, you will not feel lonely in a new place with not a single person to speak to.

Be Polite

When you finally meet here, always be a gentleman. Women from any country expect men to be polite. Even the most self-confident and successful single lady requires attention and a caring husband by her side. Be the one and let her feel that she is with the right guy.

This is how it works. Nothing special. Good hunting!

How can western men win the hearts of Russian women?

How can western men win the hearts of Russian women?

These days, international marriages are something that is not uncommon and there are a large number of happy couples that have successfully gone through the years of living together despite spouses’ different nationalities and cultures. Seeking abroad gives western men a good chance to find a woman of dreams and, for many of them, looking towards the east was the best option to accomplish their goals. Russian women are widely regarded as the most caring and faithful wives and it is no wonder that they have already made many western bachelors happy. Though the internet and globalization are currently gradually erasing cultural differences between people, some are still left, and if you are going to date your prospective Russian bride, learning them in advance will greatly help you win her heart. Taking a deep dive into any culture is no longer a major problem today — a plethora of available web resources are ready to assist you in familiarizing yourself with national cuisine, geography, history and a political situation, and this erudition will let you be well prepared for keeping up conversations and making small talks. To avoid writing a long novel, let us just consider a couple of examples that clarify the importance of being aware of cultural features and how it may work for building relationships.

The first example is that a Russian woman has many names. No, these are not multiple second names as you might think. Unlike Latinos, Russian and Ukrainian women do not have second names at all, though they have patronymics. These names are diminutive forms, also known as hypocorisms. Each name is intended for its own specific situation and wrong usage may sound very awkward or even offensive, while correct one will help become closer. For instance, the given name ‘Elena’ has many diminutive variants including ‘Lena’, ‘Lenochka’, ‘Elenochka’, ‘Alyonushka’, ‘Alyona’, ‘Lenusik’, ‘Lenchik’, ‘Lenok’, ‘Lenushka’, ‘Elenushka’, ‘lyolechka’ etc. It is almost like `Jim' — `Jimmy' — `James', but with the only difference that the Russian diminutives are very informal and only close friends or relatives can use them. Learn them all and you will definitely impress her.

Another shining example is that despite being pragmatic, Russian single women still believe in fairy tales. Scarlet Sails, a love story written by Alexander Grin, had been the iconic book for many generations of Russian girls and had a remarkable cultural influence. The story is about the young maiden who has a dream of a prince coming on a ship with scarlet sails to take her away, and how one day her dream comes true. Of course, you are not required to pretend to be a prince, but Russian brides expect you to be confident, romantic and to act like a gentleman. They just hope to get a reliable partner with whom they wish to sail away from gray days to the wonderful coast to spend a life full of colors and happiness.

If you want to know more about dating Russian girls, please stay tuned and read our upcoming articles.

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