Photo of russian bride marriage Ekaterina ID: 56178, 29 yo
Kiev, Ukraine
Ekaterina (ID: 56178)


Age 31
Birthday 09/27/1988 (Libra)
Height 167 cm = 5'6''
Religion Christianity
Weight 47 kg = 103 lbs
Partner age 25-65
Eyes Blue
Country Ukraine
Hair Blond
City Kiev
Education Higher
Marital status Never married
Level of English Beginner
Children None
Occupation singer
Smoking No smoking


I’m a very happy and optimistic person and in any kind of life’s situation! I try to encourage myself by creating new ways of solving a problem and always do my best and never lose hope and never lose enthusiasm!!! AS in my opinion, life is about falling and getting up again and again until you finally get what you want! For me the description of happiness is like a butterfly and the more you chase it the more it eludes you! I believe, that I have a lot of patience in myself and for this reason I’m here and I try to find this happiness! I’m very active person and enjoy the most beautiful things in life! For me it’s- being with my family, travelling, learning and meeting new and fascinating people!!!


singing, sports, fitness, yoga

Ideal Relationship

I’m looking for a person, who is loyal and honest first of all with himself and it means, that he will be sincere and open-minded with me as well. As I’m sure, that only honesty and sincerity are the most important qualities for serious and long-term relationship. What do you think?

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