Veronica and Jan

Hello! I am here to tell you about feelings to one very special person for me. Spring is coming and my heart is open for new feelings, warm and tender. Dear Jan, I decided to write this story as I want to make special actions for you. I haven't already told you but I like you very much! We have already communicated with you for 3 months and this time brought me many funny and pleasant moments. You can make me smile and it means a lot for me!!! I want to start loving this life as you do! I like your life priorities, your dreams and goals! We have much in common, same interests. I think it' very important if people want to be together, don' t you think the same? And one more thing that I love in you...it's your voice! Every time when we have video chats, I don't want them to be ended...Dear Jan, I hope that you will read this my story and understand everything...I want to make a new step in our communication. I will be waiting for your reply,very  special person in my life!

Veronica and Jan, Ukraine

Michael and Mariya

You do great work joining lonely hearts. I logged in many sites before but yours is the one where I could find my real love! Earlier I thought that my life is over after two divorces, I lost my faith to love somebody again as my heart was broken twice...I was afraid to open my soul to women but She could have melt my heart... Mariya, thank you that you appeared in my life! You changed everything in it!!! Now I am happy again, full of life energy! And it was you who gave it to me! I can't wait till I see you again, this time in my country! I am waiting for our meeting counting days till your arrival! I will show you my daily life, wonderful places in my native town. I am sure you will like it cause we will be together! Dear Mariya, you are a special lady for me! Please, remember it!

Michael and Mariya, NY

Tony and Tanya

Hi all! What a nice day today! I met here a marvelous lady! She is charming, tender, INCREDIABLE!!! What a body, what a smile....uuuhhhh, I'm in love!!! Tanya, I want to be your husband, wake up every morning next to you, watch your beautiful smile every time and every second! I have never met such an ideal woman in my life! You are a treasure! I want you and hope you want me too:) All I want is just to continue our communication here and meet you in reality in the nearest next 2 months! For now I am ready to spend all my time just watching you through my webcam. You are adorable, amazing lady! Tanya, be mine and you will be the happiest woman in the world, I promise to you!

Tony and Tanya, USA

Nick and Svetlana

Dear administration of bride-forever.com! I would like to thank you for your great work. I am very happy that I placed my profile and photos on this dating service. Here I found  a handsome and very intelligent man. His name is Nick. We haven’t already met each other in real life but I believe that very soon it will happen. I like to talk to this amazing man who is very caring and attentive to all my dreams and thoughts.  He is a real gentleman. We have already been communicating for 3 weeks but I feel that we became very close to each other. Dear Nick, I want you to know about my feelings . All my thoughts are only about you. You are the only man on this site who I want to know closer and closer every single day.

Nick and Svetlana, Ukraine

Boris and Natasha

Hey-hey! I am here and I met lots of hot ladies on Bride-forever. But the queen of my heart became my pretty and very sexy girl Natasha. Dear administration, thanks for your organizations about my tour to Ukraine. It was amazing. My first impression about Ukraine was what a marvelous country it is.  I met my beloved Natasha with your help and now we decided to be a couple. I had to fly away back home for some months because of my work but I will return to Kharkov to be with my Natasha again. I miss her so much and I hope she feels the same.

Boris and Natasha, Netherlands

Bob and Barbie

Hello, dear ladies! Maybe a year ago I was ready to communicate with all beautiful blondes on this dating service, make presents to them and chat all night long with sexy and hot babies but…But now I know that I want nobody else except this amazing and adorable woman whose name is Barbie. Of course, it’s not her real name as this is me who call her like this:) You could see us on the photo below. Ladies, envy.  I love this lady so much and I want her to be my wife! Barbie, would you marry me?

Bob and Barbie, USA

Richard and Olga

Summer is the best time to fall in love, I think. And it happened to me too in June. I met my Richard one summer evening when I didn’t suppose something special could happen to me. That is why, ladies, I can’t stop saying : “Nobody could know what good could happen to you. So be always in form!” As now I remember I was wearing a light silk green dress which made my Richard crazy about me. I could see the light of white candles on his amazing face. We were hypnotized by each other. I really want Richard to find out these words once while being on this site. I want him to know what I feel. I want to make a surprise for him. Thank you, bride-forever, for your help. Even being so far away from each other, I could feel his presence next to me. And all this is because of your dating service.  

Richard and Olga, Ukraine

Alexander and Olga

Dear bride-forever,
I wish to say thank you for your existence and great work that you do to all people who feel lonely and tired of being alone in this life. I met here my wonderful wife! I always dreamt about a Ukrainian woman because as for me they are the most beautiful and warm-hearted. I am so happy that I met my Olga. We have been already married for a year and now I understood how stupid I was earlier avoiding all these dating services. I didn't believe to them and even now I am sure that most of them are fake. I used to come to Ukraine twice and I was walked round two these times. I almost lost my faith to all these dating agencies but one day one of my friends showed me bride-forever service. He told me that in three weeks he is going to Ukraine to visit a lady from Kharkov and proposed me to go with him just for a vacation. I thought a little bit and decided to accept his proposal. And can you imagine what happened to me in city called Kharkov? I met my love! Olga turned to be the best friend of that girl who was waiting for my friend. We spent amazing evening just eating tasty food and drinking marvelous wine. Time was passing very fast while we were talking about everything. And since that evening my life changed cardinally. Now I can say that I possess the most precious treasure in the world and it's name is Olga!

Alexander F., Slovakia

Jason and Irina

You may not know me but I know the best man in this world! His name is Jason and he is mine! Girls, did you hear me?:) He belongs only to me and he is a man of my dreams! We met in my city, Odessa, after long correspondence on bride-forever.com. My dear Jason, please, forgive me for these words but I want to be honest with you forever and that is why it won't be me if I don't say this:). I wasn't over the moon saw him on our first date. I think we both were very shy and not friendly to each other because of strong excitement. But everything changed after five days that we spent together. We were bathing in the sea, sun tanning on the beach, visiting many beach clubs. We had a lot to tell to each other. I rememeber even some moments when I was waiting just to say something from my side as he was talking a lot:) But now it is the best quality in my beloved Jason! You will never feel boring next to this amazing man! He knows so much about this life and could tell you about everything you want to know! He is my hero! He is my stone wall which will always protect me from all troubles! I love you, Jason!

Irina S., Ukraine

Maryana and Ted

Hello, everyone!
I am here just to share with my hapiness and delight appeared in my life since I met a beautiful and charming lady on this dating service, bride-forever. Her name is Maryana and she is amazing! I remember how I was nervous writing a letter to her for the first time. She made me crazy about her photos in her profile. I couldn't even sleep that day when I saw her for the first time on the site...I remember I was lying in the bed just dreaming about her and thinking "What a stunning woman!". Next day came, I took all my courage in the fist and began to write an email to Mariya. Actually, I was not sure that she even read my letter to her because I am not so handsome as you could think so). But I decided to do this and did it in any way. And she answered to me! Can you imagine this? This marvelous girl answered to me and even said that she liked me and wanted to know me closer! I was like in paradise. And since that day our correspondence began. I wanted to write to her about everything in my life and she wanted the same. We were like two crazy people writing letters to each other every day. And it was not only one or two letters per day. I remember even 12 letters a day from my side:) Since a week I had already known that she is exactly that lady who I need in my life. And finally we decided to meet in real life. As Mariyana is from Odessa and I am from Chicago, it took maybe two weeks for me to make my dream come true and see this perfect girl. What an amazing moment it was to see Mariyana in her little black dress standing near my hotel! We spent great time being together! And since that day we don't part.
Thank you, my best dating service! You filled my life with love and tender!

Ted B., USA