Olga and Kristian

Hi, everyone!
My name is Olga and I would like to express my thanks to bride-forever.com
that gave me the opportunity to meet such a great guy like Kristian. I am a happy woman and want to share my story with everybody. I met Kristian not so long ago, but we have already applied for visa and hoping to spend the rest of our lives together. Our story began when he invited me to chat, we spoke for some time, found out many things about each other. The next step in our relationships was his visit of me in Kiev. We spent amazing time together realizing more and more that we were born to make happy each other. You know, I was marriend once in my life but I was feeling really lost after the divorce and I stopped dreaming about my own family. I thought that my life would be devoted only to my beloved parents and best friends who were with me when it was so hard to live...But God helped me to feel sweet feelings again. I am a strong woman, but with Kristian I can relax and be weak. I love it. He came to Ukraine to find a wife and he won me over.I cannot find the words to describe my emotions at the moment, but I wish everyone to feel what I am feeling right now!

Olga D., Ukraine

Yana and Anthony

Hello, dear Bride-Forever administartion!
I am here and I am happy. You know why? Because I met the girl from my dreams. She is like a pure brilliant, a fresh flower and unforgetable sunset! The name of this miracle is Yana. Please, tell Yana that I can't live without her. For now I am too shy to tell her about it but here...I can write it down! She is still a student at the local university but I know that after graduating we will be together in Germany. I want to meet her parents and close friends. I want her to fill in my world. We have been already communicating for 3 months. These 3 months are the best time in my life. We spent hours in chat. By the way, bride-forever, thank you so much for your online chat. It looks really cool and works great. It is very simple in use. I told my friends about your site and most of them have already created their accounts here. I wish all persons who feel lonely and lost to find someone who will bring hapiness and love into your life. We are alive and we need to feel warmth and care inside our hearts.
Yana, be a queen of my heart!

Anthony F., Germany

Alina and Michael

My love is like a fairy tale. Everything began in autumn when all trees lose their leaves and it is raining all the time…As usual I came to the office of  bride-forever dating site to check my email hoping to find a special man for me. And I saw him there! He was online and ready to chat with me! I fell in love with him immediately just watching his photo and reading his words…Michael was ready to tell me about everything! He was so sociable and free for discovering each other. And here our love story began…I couldn’t live even 1 day without his letters full of tenderness and warmth. And in 2 weeks Michael decided to visit me in Ukraine. When I saw him in real life for the first time, I forgot about everything! It was love from the first sight. And it is the best moment in my life! Now we are planning to marry each other in spring and we believe that our love story only begins

Alina G., Ukraine

Dariya and Colin

Every time when I look at the golden heart on my neck, I remember  about my Colin. It was his present to me before his final trip to the USA. We met almost a year ago. We haven’t already got married but we are dreaming about it all the time. Colin decided to move to Ukraine because I can’t leave my parents here alone. They are too old to move to another country and here it is their home. He is the best men I ever met in this world! Can you imagine? Now he is doing everything just to come to Ukraine and stay with me forever! He understands me from the first words and he wants me to be the happiest woman! He understands that I will be sad all the time just thinking about my parents living so far away from them…He understands that they need me and my help. And he made a great decision just to leave everything in Detroit and live with me in Ukraine! I definitely know that Colin is my destiny and I will do all my best to make him happy just being next to me…No matter where to live, just to be together all the time!

Dariya K., Ukraine

Natalia and Sean!

You know, Natalia and I have been chatting since February and both felt a special spark right from the first day. After millions of letters and thousands of telephone calls we decided to date each other in Ukraine. Actually, I was a little bit nervous as I have never met Ukrainian girls before but I was sure that Natalia would surprise me in a good way. She selected a perfect apartment for me in the centre of Nikolayev. I liked this city, mostly because my pretty girl was born in itJShe planned everything in fantastic way and all our time spent together was like a miracle for me! I would like to say:”Natalia, thank you for your attention and warmth during all our meetings! You are incredible woman!” She is everything I thought she would be and I am totally smitten by her. Thank you Bride-Forever for bringing us together!

Sean G., Norway

Alyona and Tom!

Alyona and I met after a half a year of our correspondence on the bride-forever dating site. Her letters to me were so wonderful and full of warmth. I could feel every word she wrote to me.  So I was looking forward to our date in Nikolaev as I liked everything in this stunning Ukrainian girl through her letters. I was definitely sure that this girl is for me!

I think that we both were very excited before our meeting because she was calling to me maybe five times in an hour just to ask me if everything was right with me and if I needed something in my apartment that she selected for me. By the way, it was very comfortable and I think that I will never rent a hotel room again in the future. And what about me, I was so nervous just to look good that evening that I was changing my clothes maybe for 20 times till I got something special, as for me :) But when we met, all stress was gone. We had a great dinner at one Italian restaurant. Then we decided to walk around her city and Alyona showed to me the best places of her native city. Next day we even took a little trip from our city to another for some excursions. Now I can’t remember the name of this city but it was full of brilliant monuments and huge old buildings. Alyona also introduced me to her best friend, Katya.

Now we are going to continue our communication but that weekend in Ukraine together with this amazing girl I will never forget in my life. We will see how it will go, but I hope for the best.

Tom Z., UK

Kristina and Peter!

It was a sunny day and as usual after my training in the swimming pool I was walking in the centre of the city. I adore such days when everything smells so sweet and people around me are so happy and smiling. But I was feeling alone just watching many couples walking together and kissing …And then, it happened to me! I saw HIM! It was Peter who was on my way just observing shop windows.  I was like under a spell…And he noticed me;)Finally :) Haha. We were looking at each other maybe for a couple of minutes but then decided to become acquainted. We ordered two cups of bracing coffee in the nearest café and then spent almost the whole day just walking and talking to each other. I learnt that Peter came to Ukraine because of a girl but she didn’t come to their meeting and even turned off her phone…It was horrible! I couldn’t believe what I heard! How she could do it with such an adorable man? And after that day our story began…At first, when Peter returned to Canada, we were communicating on Bride-Forever dating site only like friends but every day we were realizing that we missed something…Almost every day Peter was sending a lot of gifts to me. My room was like a flower shopJBut you even can’t imagine what I was feeling every time going to bed and watching all those flowers surrounding me. I was dreaming about my Peter! He was my beloved but I hadn’t already told him about it…And one sunny day I saw my Peter next to my house! I was shocked as I couldn’t believe that it was him! He did tell me nothing about his plans to visit me in Ukraine. But it was HIM! It was the best moment in my life and I will never forget it! Till that time we haven’t been separated! We told each other about our feelings, about our fears and we understood that this life we want to live together! Now I can say that we are the happiest couple as we truly love each other, we found each other by accident but I am totally sure that it was not only an accident. It is our destiny! Thank you, Bride-Forever, that you exists and helps people to know each other more and more! It was you who showed us our real feelings!

Kristina L., Ukraine

Liza and Mark

Who has the best man in the world? I doJ His name is Mark and I love this guy so much! He made a proposal to me two days ago and now we are both so happy! I want every girl on this site to know that love exists here, on the bride-forever dating site. If you believe in something, it happens to you sooner or later. We should believe! Mark is from Canada but we met each other even living on different sides of our planet. Who could even imagine it? But I truly believed that my real love would find me! And it did! I am so excited about my future with Mark. He is amazing, very smart and attentive to me. My life is full of miracles since I met this man. My apartment was full of roses every time when he came to visit me in my city, Nilolaev. Each girl dreams about it and I got it. All within me breathes with happiness and love.  I am happy and that’s all that I want to feel for now!

Thank you, bride-forever, for giving a chance to meet Mark! Thanks to my interpreter Irina. She helped us to be united!

Liza M., Ukraine

Marina and Hank!

Hi everyone! My life began when I met Marina for the first time.  I don’t put it on because She changed my world and my life priorities. Marina is amazing woman and very special for me. We met on the beach this summer. It was in Odessa and now I love this city as my native one. She looked really sexy in her bikini and to tell you the truth I was a little bit nervous if such a girl could pay attention on me. I am an ordinary guy from France. I was looking at her maybe for couple of hours and I couldn’t see someone else on the beach. And finally she noticed me and gave me such a brilliant smile! It was fantastic! Then I ordered two mojito and went straight to her . I was so excited doing it but I really wanted it.  And a miracle happened to me! Marina was smiling to me. She was totally happy seeing me next to her and here our story began. We talked a lot that day. She turned to be so funny and smart. Every time when I close my eyes I see her beautiful smile. She has absolutely white teeth and they shine like diamonds. I am definitely sure that that Marina is God’s gift for me.  For now we are communicating through bride- forever dating site. I can say that we are only friends now but my goal is to make Marina  to be my girlfriend and maybe very soon to be my only one and beloved wifeJ I believe that our dreams come true! And I will do everything for it!

Marina, thanks for appearing in my life! You make me better every day!

Hank L., France

Kristina and Joshua

I and Kristina had been corresponding for few months via bride-forever dating site. I would like to thank you, bride-forever team, for your work. Your site is filled with beautiful women. If you feel lonely, you could talk to Ukrainian ladies who are definitely softhearted and open-minded. In Australia we don’t have such charming and sexy women.  All they live in UkraineJ It was like an electric storm inside me when I saw Kristina’s photo for the first time. I was online just looking through girls’ profiles. To be honest, I didn’t believe that I could find somebody very special for me here:) But I was wrong and very skeptical. Kristina is only 22 years old but she is very smart and well-educated. She has a little brother and she is like a mother for him. I am crazy about women who are crazy about childrenJ I want to have 5 or 6 children and I am sure that I need Kristina for it because she seems to be a great wife and mother.

In my plans, I am going to visit my perfect girl in October. She hasn’t already known about it :) With lots of love to my charming princess, Kristina!

Joshua R., Australia