Ukrainian woman Irina from Kharkiv, ID:42481

An amazing photo of ukrainian dating profile Irina ID: 42481, 34 years old An amazing photo of ukrainian dating profile Irina ID: 42481, 34 years old
Irina (ID: 42481)
Kharkiv, Ukraine


Age: 34
Birthday: 06/03/1986 (Gemini)
Height: 167 cm = 5'6''
Weight: 47 kg = 103 lbs
Eyes: Green
Level of English: Elementary
Education: Higher
Partner age: 30-60
Occupation: teacher
Smoking: No smoking
Religion: Christianity
Hair: Blond
Marital status: Divorced
Children: None
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I need small thing for a happiness – it is to be happy… I am a very sensitive person, I can hear without words, understand without a gesture and feel without physical perception. I love my life and looking for advantages in every situation. Shakespeare said many years ago that life is a game so I try to play interesting and correctly. I love to be the author of my life, and as it says in the famous film “The Secret” – we draw our future… I have a big dream, it is dream of my childhood. I dream about, in some spring morning, will wake up from the sounds of Parisian bustle. Paris gives me associations of delicious champagne, pink dresses, the smell of fresh bread rolls, tasty coffee and – a great feeling of love. Deep down, I am very homely woman. I like to do something around the house and I like to cook so much. My favorite dish – is lamb in wine and with honey. Also, I like to be gentle, beautiful and charming…


I have a lot of favorite things. I like to read very much, I have a great interest in psychology, write articles of education and psychological development theme. But most of all, I like to collect beautiful poetry. I love Chinese literature and culture. My hobby is – the development of myself and my personality.

Ideal Relationship

The ancient Chinese philosophers said: the man is a mirror platform of woman. This platform should be strong and show a woman`s personality. I think so… My ideal man consist of big mind and loving of the life. He must be optimistic. His actions should reflect his essence. I want to see my future man kind, sensitive, generous, wise, noble… He must be the master of his life and life of his future family. He should be able to take responsibility. As for me, the strength of character must be more important than physical strength. It is same, that the beauty of the appearance can not replace inner beauty.

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