The most comprehensive guide to dating a Libra woman

January 29
The most comprehensive guide to dating a Libra woman

The zodiac sign, under which a woman came into this wonderful world, can reveal a lot about her personality type and individual characteristics. No matter how much you are into astrology, you cannot deny that the environment we live in directly influence our mood and behavior. The stars, the moon, the seasons — being integral parts of our reality, they take part in shaping our destiny. When it comes to choosing a partner, every little thing that may drop a hint about how to take the right decision is utterly useful. After all, astrology is an empirical study, and if it can possibly help — why not use it to figure out a good match? Just give it a try. At least it is not boring.

The personality type of a Libra woman

Libra is the astrological sign number seven in the Zodiac. The sun goes through this sign in between September 23 and October 22. The fresh, calming and quieting energy of early autumn brings balance and steadiness for those being born within this period. The pictogram of Libra is the scales, which is also the symbol of justice and custom. The scales represent Libra women’s desire to evaluate everything, carefully weigh all the pros and cons, and demand equality in a relationship. It also symbolizes their hesitation and doubt when they have to make a decision and an uncompromising search for the best possible option when it comes to finding a life partner. Libra belongs to the group of the air signs of the Zodiac. Astrology says that people who are born under these signs deal with situations in a rational, calm, and dispassionate manner. Let us look closer at some of the most noticeable characteristics of Libra women.

  1. Libra women value balance in relationships

    Like all Libras, women belonging to this sign seek cooperation and equality. They constantly try to balance everything, because balance is steadiness. This is very good news — you will never be regarded as lesser, though being considered as greater is also unlikely possible (if dominating someone is not your fetish, then this will not bother you at all). Libras are preoccupied with order, which absence makes them feel incredibly uncomfortable and insecure due to their need for constant harmony. They see the harmony in a relationship as the pleasant arrangements of partners’ roles and duties. They are used to living with others peacefully rather than fighting or arguing, but you should bear in mind that the ground for peace is always balance.

  2. They have impeccable manners and are socially active

    A Libra woman tends to be very sociable. She is a perfect hostess at any type of social gathering. Be it a cocktail, a birthday, or a garden party — she can arrange any event, and it does not matter how many guests are going to come. She can cook well, compliment each guest and look superb — all these things in a single human! Her diplomatic skills and rational mind allow her to successfully handle even the hottest conflict and calm down the most argumentative situation. She is well aware of etiquette and her polite though confident manners combined with neat appearance are what make her loveable and attract other people to her.

  3. At home: the reign of order and cleanliness

    The dwelling place of a Libra woman is always clean and super welcoming. One may say that it is quite ordinary for many, but the difference here is that the order for Libras is mostly balance; hence, proportions and symmetry prevail in the decoration of a house. Being attracted to the visual arts and beauty, they like to furnish the living space elegantly and plainly. Gorgeous pieces of art, luxurious things, and fragrant fresh flowers fill the home environment with comfort and tranquility. A Libra woman has a natural talent for decorating and really enjoys transforming her house or apartment into a perfect safe haven where she can hide herself from the world and relax.

  4. Family: the harmony of parents and children

    As we already know, Libra symbolizes balance, which is impossible unless there is somebody to balance with. A Libra woman is very easy at parenting. Motherhood comes absolutely naturally to her. A Libra mother is incredibly patient, nursing, and affectionate. Her children, growing up in the cozy and harmonious environment created by their mother, inherit her sense of taste and love for the arts. Thanks to her fairness, she is never aggressive with the kids and raises them in a conflict-free atmosphere. Homelife is always peaceful and calm for her family.

  5. Libra women are very good at making a career

    Having such qualities as patience and rationality, a Libra woman makes a career with ease. She is intelligent and easily deals with people without provoking conflicts, which brings her immense popularity with colleagues and bosses. The natural ability to argue in an intelligent manner combined with detachment makes her an exceptional mediator who can solve every question and find the best solution to any difficult situation. A Libra woman is career-oriented and works hard to achieve desired results. She is respected for her confidence and skills, and does the job well and on time. Libra careerists are most successful in such fields as interior design and law.

Libra love compatibility with other signs

Libra love compatibility with other signs

Will you match with a Libra woman? Well, it is a complex question. With some signs, Libra gets along well. Others will have to do some work to win her heart. The Zodiac compatibility list is intended for giving useful tips, not for dissuading you from dating any particular sign. Find your percentage of compatibility with a Libra woman and read how your relations with her will look like below.

Aries, 50%

Both partners value social justice, openness, and honesty. Tensions are possible due to opposite temperaments. Impulsiveness and adventurism, qualities typical of Aries, do not conform to the caution and doubtfulness of Libra. A long-lasting and solid relationship is possible provided that both seek compromise and are tolerant of one another.

Taurus, 55%

Material and grounded Taurus does not welcome the romance of airy Libra. The key to a successful relationship can be a common desire for a comfortable life and interests. Respect for the views of each other is absolutely necessary.

Gemini, 80%

Both partners are Air signs and are almost a perfect match. Their union is peaceful and harmonious, but parties may have a disagreement about money. Gemini, being ruled by intellectual Mercury, prefers to invest in material stuff, while governed by beauty-loving Venus Libra tends to spend on art and spa. Having separate bank accounts for both partners may work.

Cancer, 70%

Cancer and Libra are attracted to one another like neodymium magnets. Partners are both romantic and sentimental and their union gives them an impressive opportunity for self-actualization. Since these two signs are not good at making decisions, both of them like buck-passing and placing a burden on others. This often gives cause for altercation but patience and respect natural to Cancer and Libra prevent them from separating.

Leo, 65%

Leo cannot resist the charm of a Libra girl, and she admires his reliability and willpower. To build harmonious relationships, a couple should keep in mind that both of them require personal freedom and space.

Virgo, 40%

Conservative Virgo has difficulties understanding Libra's rebellious and romantic soul, so the chance of a successful union is not high. Both partners have a common love for order and balanced budgeting, hence disagreements in everyday life are rare. The ability to compromise with each other is a deciding factor in creating a strong family.

Libra, 65%

Both partners are spiritually connected and are not obsessed with material things. It unites them even more closely over the years. They are full of ideas, but the problem is that no one wants to act, so the help of a third party is necessary.

Scorpio, 60%

Libra will experience discomfort due to Scorpio's tendency to dominate and subordinate other people. The jealousy of Scorpio is the cause of conflicts, but the diplomacy and wisdom of a Libra girl are what maintain a relationship.

Sagittarius, 90%

Craving novelty and being sexually compatible, fire and air signs form extremely successful unions. The couple's chance of a successful family life is very high provided that Libra is not jealous of a Sagittarius man and does not limit his freedom.

Capricorn, 40%

It is a difficult union. Conservative and stubborn Capricorn hardly comes to compromise and tends to impose his leadership. If Libra wants to maintain a relationship, she has to submit to Capricorn’s will. Most often, a woman runs out of patience and decides to leave.

Aquarius, 90%

Aquarius and Libra are made for one another. They perfectly supplement each other and are constantly dedicated to self-improvement. An Aquarius man respects a Libra lady and values her seriousness and reasonableness. She follows his advice with pleasure and admires his erudition.

Pisces, 50%

Indecision, vulnerability, and emotionality of a Pisces man interfere with a harmonious relationship. A Libra lady has to be a leader and deal with all household chores on her own. Without receiving support from a partner, Libra quickly gives up. Sex can strengthen their union for a while.

Libra woman in bed: can you stand a fire?

Libra woman in bed is a talented actress, skilled seducer, and curious inventor. Libra never has doubts or makes mistakes in bed. What fuels her sexuality is the enthusiastic reaction of a man. The stage is very important for Libra. Candles, erotic music, and glamorous bedding — all these things kindle her inner sexual fire in no time. She is the type of sexual partner who is permanently willing to discover and test new things. She is also a furious lover and, please, do not be surprised if she suddenly reveals her kinky and wild side and asks you for unexpected or even strange things.

Sex with a Libra woman: intense contact

In sex, a Libra woman likes and enjoys a lot of kissing, petting and hugging. Foreplay usually takes a long time and includes all kinds of oral sex. She does not welcome monotony and likes to change the rhythm and the angle. Your love of role-plays will be a huge advantage. Her sexual appetite is ravenous and she always asks for more. She is looking for an adventurous sexual partner to release her creativity at full throttle. Be prepared for quite intense contacts. At the same time, Libras are all about balance, so any chaos and extremities of behavior are prohibited. She expects to meet a sexually grown man willing and able to please her until she is satisfied. Lazy lovers and amateurs have no chances with a Libra girl.

How to get on with a Libra woman

Libra wants to be sure that her partner respects her feelings. You should always listen to her complaints and take them seriously. Libras do not welcome conflicts and want everyone to be treated equally. Give your attention to the thoughts she is expounding, highly likely they have been on her mind for a long time and are very important for her. Libras are quite sentimental natures and require attention and affection from a partner on a daily basis. They cannot stand reproaches and criticism and like to be praised and admired. Never question your equal partnership — this will make her feel extremely sad and useless. Remember that Libra hopes to achieve equality in a relationship.