Top 20 Good Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

November 14
Top 20 Good Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

The success and prospects of future relationships depend on the ability to establish a conversation. Girls are eager to have conversations, and even more, like narrating something about themselves. Encourage the girl not only to listen to you but also to speak herself. Ask her leading questions and listen actively. For a conversation, you can use the top questions presented below. It will allow having an exciting date and will help the girls to relax. But try not to turn the date into an insistent interview. Make it as easy as possible.

What Questions Will Make A Positive Impression & Which Ones Are Better To Avoid?

Let's start by looking at the types of questions:

  • Questions about herself and what she likes. They make her talk about her childhood, remember the best memories, and experience good emotions. Girls appreciate these questions;
  • You need to ask questions of a personal nature and atypical for her hearing. These questions require more than a simple yes or no answer. It encourages conversation. Even if the girl answers with a simple "yes" or "no", you can always ask her to explain her answer in more detail;
  • You can ask questions about the past and former partners. The girl's answers will help you understand if you have a chance to conquer her?;
  • You can ask for serious or difficult questions. But they should be asked when the conversation is about serious things and in a suitable place;
  • Ask about your relationship.

You cannot ask questions that will embarrass the girl. It will be difficult for her to reveal herself in front of a guy. Whether it is out of fear, shame, or embarrassment, she will withhold some information. Do not ask questions about weight, size, calories, or diet. A girl can understand them negatively. So let's get down to the essentials:

Questions Will Make A Positive

№1: Think for a second, close your eyes, and imagine what your ideal life would look like. Describe it in as much detail as possible.

This question and the next one are great for figuring out what she wants out of life if everything was perfect. You can compare her response to your own goals for your life and see if they align. So, if your ideal life is to travel the world carefree with only a backpack on your back, and hers is to start a business from scratch, then the two of you have a lot to talk about before making any serious decisions.

№2: What would a typical day look like in your ideal life? Do you have an idea of ​​only one perfect life, or do you have any other ideas?

Even though these questions will tell you a lot about the person, they remain in the category of easy and light-hearted ones that you can ask at any time.

№3: What do you think should be the role of a woman in a relationship? How about a man's role?

It is vital to ask so that you can enter into a relationship with an understanding of each other's opinions about each of your roles in the relationship. If both of you have completely different ideas about this, then you need to discuss everything before you delve into the relationship.

№4: Should roles change after the marriage?

This question is great for seeing how your relationship roles might change in the future, or at least what kind of changes she'll experience. You need to compare your expectations with her attitude and see how they match. If you are looking for a more traditional relationship, and she is more progressive, then constant fights await you in the future.

№5: What are the three most annoying things a guy can do? What about the top three things?

Things that annoy her = don't do it. Things she likes = try to do them.

№6: What was the most adventurous/crazy thing you have done in the last month? What's the most adventurous/crazy thing you've ever done?

This question will tell you if she is looking for the extreme. Or if she is not at all inclined to take risks. If she is looking for a lot more risks than you are, then you may need to expand your comfort zone. If you are riskier, be prepared for the fact that she will not want to participate with you on your adventures. And she may also not want you to do risky things.

№7: How do you spend your free time?

It will tell you a little about how she lives in the present by looking into her work life. Does she have hobbies or interests outside of work?

№8: Do you prefer to be outdoors or indoors?

She loves to relax at home in comfort, and you don't? Then don't expect her to enjoy the hike. She loves to be outside, and you not? Prepare hiking boots. If you are both very different, then try to compromise and, for example, go on a trip with a stop at the cabins.

№9: What are the three things that you have that you value the most?

You will have to dive into this question a little. Does her answer contain something sentimental? Then she probably has a strong sentimental trait. Is this something practical? Then she's not very sentimental. Is it something expensive or something that she can boast of? Get ready to say goodbye to your money. This question is also attractive because it will give you gift ideas for the future. Or at least gift categories. Need something sentimental? Give her something that reminds her of your relationship. Practical? Give her something that will help her in her hobby. And so on.

№10: What is your favorite thing about your best friend?

Answering this question will help you find out what she values ​​in an intimate relationship. It is also an opportunity to look into what she is looking for in her future husband. And these values ​​must match for a long-term relationship.

№11: What would you do if a close friend started saying bad things about you?

This question lets you know how she deals with conflicts. Most likely, she will behave in the same way during your conflicts with her. Maybe she will try to make up, will get angry, or will stop talking to you.

№12: What are your favorite films and TV shows? What movies / TV shows did you dislike?

It is a practical question, after which you will understand how much you will enjoy watching movies and TV shows together. Does she watch TV shows and films with you that are different from her favorites? Then maybe she's just cheating on you and watching them just because you like them. If so, she will probably soon get tired of pretending and start wanting to watch what she likes.

№13: What is your perfect Saturday night?

This question will tell you what she likes to do. Of course, most likely, she will have the same ideas that you have for the next couple of three nights, but over time she will want to do with you and what she likes. So if you are a party goer and she is not, or if you like to relax and play video games and she likes to go out, then this will be a problem.

№14: How good are you at planning your finances?

At least one of you should understand money matters. If you don’t know how to handle money, then some of you will need to work on your financial management skills. And then together you will have to decide who should apply these skills if you are in a serious relationship or live together.

№15: What do you think is worth spending your money on?

This question will let you know what things she will spend money on in the future. It can also let you know about her priorities.

№16: What is a waste of money for you?

Be sure to ask this question. By receiving a response, you can avoid financial conflicts.

№17: What is the best thing about money: does it provide security, create good memories, or make you more confident?

This question will allow you to find out what kind of person she is: either the one who always saves money, or the one who appreciates experience and memories, or she appreciates the material life-side. You can use this information to your advantage.

№18: When in a relationship, when should a man spend money? When should a woman pay for something? And when should a couple share financial obligations?

This question is good mainly for new relationships, but in general, it is also good to know.

№19: Do you want to be famous? If so, why?

The answer to this question can give you an idea of ​​her aspirations and what she wants in her life. Compatible goals are essential for a lasting marriage. Your life goals must be aligned.

№20: How often do you communicate with your parents?

Answering this question will help you understand how close she is to her parents. And most importantly, whether she will allow them to interfere in your relationship, and if their opinion influences her.

During the first meeting, you can talk about travel, flowers, the meaning of life, phobias, hobbies. The dialogue should take place in a comfortable form, and at the same time, the conversation should cause excitement in the lady and interest in the topic. On the first date, you should show your wit and flaunt your sense of humor. Questions designed to get to know the girl better should be built correctly. Questions about hobbies, family, relatives, professional activities, studies, education will help to get acquaintance the girl and have a captivating conversation. The main thing is to be empathetic, attentive, and interested in your companion.

Final Thoughts

When you ask a girl for a date, you need to be sure that she will be as interested in you as you are in her. Therefore, you need to choose topics and questions for the conversation that will make her feel special. Things that will allow her to reveal herself to you, and that will allow earning her trust. The very process of developing sympathy between people consists of several things, and trust is one of them. As you use these suggested questions, make sure you keep eye contact with her to maintain interest in the topic under discussion. Just smile when she answers your question and give her your positive resume. Thus, you will create that invisible connection between you that you need. It will also help you avoid any awkward moments you might have. While some of these questions may seem daring, they are well worth it, and it is proven that they can bring people closer together through communication.